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by Synced at 07-11-2022, 08:30 PM
Hey so i was wondering in chapter 6 when lucas becomes super saiyan is it possible to unlock him to play or is something else can be done to play as him in normal games?
by Synced at 06-11-2022, 08:34 PM
I was looking through version v0.8.9 and a pop up came that i have to pay for premium/cool characters to unlock is it possible that i dont have to do that to get characters?
by Almighty Jack E at 28-09-2022, 03:49 PM
Hello Guys! I' Just defeated 5 Lucas with Gordon! Hope I can Get the Fighter award @MangaD?
@BlazingGale, I've just done what you did ; ) Sunglasses

[Image: here.png]

I just defeated the Big three with Shawn! @MangaD
[Image: haha.png]

Drew Vs The Big Three!
[Image: ddy.png]

Lucas Vs The Big Three!
[Image: lucasvb3.png]

Shawn Vs The Big Three
[Image: haha.png]

Gordon Vs 5 Lucas
[Image: here.png]

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by Almighty Jack E at 14-09-2022, 10:49 AM
Hello everyone! I'm new here. Can someone reply me by saying hi?
by 不饿白帝BEBD at 02-09-2022, 05:41 PM

HF有慣性 玩家可利用這慣性 其中最基礎動作便是 "跑刹", 即跑步時按后的一段刹停過程
若跑刹途中你接入攻擊行爲 我們便把跑刹定義為滑步,而跑刹和接下來打發的技能便合稱"甩技"

[Image: Qjda4F.gif]
上图是Leo原地打發飛龍的gif 我們以背景凳脚左腿作參照

[Image: P71Bpl.gif]
可比較出一點不同: 飛龍本體的射程的射速都有所提升
飛龍帶入你跑刹的慣性 便得到一個快且更遠的"甩龍"

你也許好奇: 這有稍微快點長點的飛龍有毛綫的實戰作用了?

這樣理解: 跑刹距離,一受角色跑速影響,二受你攻擊前搖長短的影響
這些便是區別較大且實用性高點的例子:  Ic冷凍波  Ja回力鏢  S甩A

諸如Ja飛刀 甩飛龍, 是有效果但是相對多餘的組合 因爲不用甩這兩個技能照樣有更好的實戰方式

然而其上只是滑步對技能打發增速的應用 實戰意義不大 接下來便是核心應用:

[Image: iJjSFP.gif]
如图, He以滑步→回身→火拳的操作 恰避過D衝天拳 同時凭借滑步的持續位移动 读完火拳前摇 完成精彩反擊


[Image: LbcMOS.gif]
向前的滑步位移法 將Ic拳頭判定戳到G的受擊判定上 進行連擊

[Image: wLf16P.gif]

[Image: vl7VzJ.gif]
"甩龍"  主動以滑步增加升龍上,下或前位移  運用熟練能打到相當刁钻的位置

[Image: EnGlPI.gif]
S的滑步反身破空  因爲他比馬還快的跑速  滑步位移的距離非常鬼畜  比某肥仔多了整整一個半身位  可以玩更多本體位移的花哨操作

以上便是滑步兩個運用! 錄素材和碼文章不易 有什麽想法記得在回覆交流喔 u3u

運熟練便什麽技能都想滑步 會莫名的爽呢!
[Image: cbAK9L.gif]
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