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by MangaD at 25-01-2024, 09:25 AM
In HFX Action Script 3 there is a large array, in the file Data.Global, called stage_setting, which contains the settings for the stages. You can see it here.

Here are my findings regarding that array:

The array contains 9 Acts, which are themselves represented as arrays. The last 2 Acts are not being used in the original game.

Each Act array contains 8 rounds, also represented as arrays, which are: Tutorial, Duel, Mission, Story, Battle, Tournament, Team Fight, and Training. If a round is an empty array it will not show up in the game. For instance, only Act 1 has a tutorial round, and Act 1 does not have Tournament nor Team Fight rounds.  Each round contains a number of stages.

Example and explanation of a stage:

[1, 1, -1, -1, r_enemy_soldier_500_hp + r_add_3star_hero_when_clear, ["z_axeman"], [], ["forest_mud"]]

[1, // playing hero num (Lucas)
1, // unknown
-1, // type of next stage
-1, // unknown
r_enemy_soldier_500_hp + r_add_3star_hero_when_clear, // buffs
["z_axeman"], // enemies
[], // setting of mission or battle
["forest_mud"]] // background

Stage types:
s_tutorial = 0;      
s_duel = 1;
s_mission = 2;      
s_story = 3;      
s_battle = 4;      
s_tournament = 5;      
s_vs = 6;
s_training = 7;

-1 means it won't unlock a new stage.
by 不饿白帝BEBD at 22-01-2024, 05:54 AM
download link:

skin version 1 (Click to View)
skin version 2 (Click to View)
skin version 3 (Click to View)
HFE V1_BDskin_2023_8_5 (Click to View)
HFE V1_BDskin_2024_1_14 (Click to View)
(The number of uploads per hour on the image host is limited, and the rest will be added later)
by Julian at 21-01-2024, 03:54 AM
I want to change the MP recovery when the boomerang returns, but I can't find this data.
by Muktak at 29-12-2023, 03:07 PM
Hello everyone... Does anyone have the version of HFX where all the heroes are unlocked at the start of the game?
by Kaphwank at 03-12-2023, 01:56 AM
Hello,everybody!Today I'll share a tutorial about how to use HFW to modify HFX.
First,you should prepare a third-party application.The application is requested to able to disassemble apk.
Then,use the application to extract the .swf file in apk.I'll get a file like this:
[url=https://ibb.co/nP3yZZy][Image: Screenshot-2023-1203-085340.png]

Then put in your PC and use HFW to modify it.The method is as same as HF,but if you are not very similar to SPT,don't try to modify it because the modified .swf probably crash.
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