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by Almighty Jack E at 01-07-2024, 09:27 PM
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Mod Author: Tien Lee
Game Author: Marti Wong


Introducing HFX-CRAZY AI, a groundbreaking modification that will propel even the most seasoned players to the very brink of their proficiency, subjecting every facet of their gameplay to an unrelenting barrage of challenges, and audaciously daring them to surmount the seemingly insurmountable odds and emerge triumphant in this epic quest of unyielding difficulty.

The AI has been bolstered once more, its powers surging to unprecedented heights as it unleashes a barrage of electrifying lightning items! Meanwhile, Jason's abilities have been amplified, his strength and powers reaching new extremes! The player character's health has been boosted by 50% for increased resilience. An additional teammate has been added to each level, providing extra support. Taylor's clone ability has been revamped: the maximum number of clones is now capped at 3, and it will randomly summon any character, greatly expanding the possibilities!

The game has evolved significantly through various updates, culminating in the current version, v1.5. The changes and improvements implemented in each previous update are summarized below:

This update history highlights the game's transformation and growth, showcasing the developer's commitment to enhancing the player experience.
New Opponents
New Bosses (Click to View)
Move List
Characters Unlocked
New Cards:
by Almighty Jack E at 17-06-2024, 11:16 PM
[Image: TLb6K7F.png]
[Image: DwQ4TMc.png]
[Image: X7Ejhog.png]
Game Preview

Game Author: Marti Wong
Mod Author: BuEBaiDi
This version of the game presents a distinctive experience, allowing players to encounter boss characters that are not usually playable. Furthermore, its significance extends to its use in the 2021 winter vacation competition, highlighting its importance in the game's competitive landscape.
The game invites players to embark on a journey to discover the untapped potential of formidable characters, delving into the outer limits of their strength and witnessing the breathtaking spectacle of their awe-inspiring magical abilities in action, as they unleash extraordinary feats of power and skill.

Every single character in the game has undergone a substantial transformation, acquiring a wide range of fresh powers and moves that markedly amplify their capabilities, and in turn, revolutionize the game's approach and strategy.
Note: The data of the following character's listed here such as HP and MP  are all non level.
A = Attack,
J = Jump,
G = Guard/Defense,
= Up,
= Down,
= Right,
= Left.
Thunder Lucas (Click to View)
Livermore (Click to View)
Desert At Sunset (Click to View)
Forest Hill (Click to View)
Lion Forest (Click to View)
Nottigham Forest (Click to View)
Old Village (Click to View)
TaiHom Village (Click to View)
Temple Wall (Click to View)
Temple of Hero (Click to View)
by Almighty Jack E at 04-06-2024, 07:05 PM

[Image: FfKWgBk.png]

[Image: 82sopJI.png]

The game requires a premium account to be able to play. In order to gain access to the entirety of the game's exceptional features and experiences, it is necessary to acquire a premium account. This can be achieved by completing a purchase via the original version on your personal computer or through the login interface on the mobile version of the game. Once you have successfully obtained a premium account, you will be able to unlock and enjoy all of the amazing experiences that the game has to offer!

Embark on a thrilling journey as a brave adventurer, where your bravery will be tested as never before, thrust into a world of turmoil and conflict. Shape your own destiny and forge a unique path amidst the chaos, crafting a world that's truly your own!

Warning, intrepid adventurers! Ahead lies the redoubtable and ruthless entity known as Jeatles, a formidable foe whose unyielding ferocity and merciless disposition will imperil your very survival. This unforgiving adversary will assail your skills with unrelenting ferocity, driving them to the very precipice of collapse. No quarter will be granted, no pity will be shown, and no mercy will be spared. Only the most battle-hardened and valorous warriors, those whose mettle has been tempered in the crucible of combat, will dare confront the fearsome Jeatles and emerge victorious, their legendary achievements etched in the annals of history.

Mod Author: @Lee Catalpa Tien
Game Author: Marti Wong
Mirror 1
Mirror 2
Mirror 3

Definition Of Terms
MP = Mana Points
HP = Health Points
TP = Technical -Points
SP = Stamina Points
For certain characters, unleashing devastating moves requires a substantial amount of TP (Technical Points), MP (Magic Points), and HP (Health Points). These moves are truly lethal, so be prepared to invest your resources wisely.

New Characters and Items

[Image: w8Ebly8.png]

[Image: FyT8zPs.png]

This mod has been enhanced with the addition of new characters and soldiers, injecting fresh excitement into the gameplay experience. In addition, a range of new weapons has been added to the mix, each with its own distinct attributes and abilities that is compatible with some selected heroes. These weapons' special effects add a new layer of depth to the game, allowing players to tailor their approach to suit their chosen hero's strengths and abilities.

Game Modes

[Image: oCvATcV.png]

The game's mode selection has been expanded to include exciting new options: Survival, Online, and Exhibition modes. These additions provide fresh ways to engage with the game, from intense survival challenges to competitive online matches and exhibition showdowns. In addition to that, players are allowed to set the difficulty level of stages ranging from act 1 to act 7,the difficulty levels are; Easy, Normal, Hard, Crazy and Hell, but on completion of act 7,a new act, HotDogHell is unlocked, where the difficulty can not be reduced more than "Hard" level, cards can not be used to pass stages and enemies are significantly made more powerful than normal.

Upon completion of the arduous, grueling, and seemingly interminable journey, which pushes one's endurance and perseverance to the very limits of human capacity, you will ultimately find yourself ensnared in the unforgiving and unyielding clutches of Jeatles, a formidable and invincible entity that shows no quarter or mercy, offering only a bleak and daunting prospect of what lies ahead.

Move List:
Ice Emperor (Click to View)
Troops Unlocked:
Character Unlocked:
Characters (Click to View)
New Weapons:
New Cards:
New Troops:
New Items

by ADRNNOOO at 22-05-2024, 10:27 AM
Hi everyone I am currently working on a mod project called DARKARTOO and i am currently stuck on some topics and need assistance,
How can I add more premium characters? these are for use as bosses but also to increase incentives for premium
How can I add more skins for characters troops and mounts?
also when is the paypal for premium going to be up I would like to support the creator of the game and also test the premium characters.
If I could get assistance in these topics that would be amazing thank you

Current state of some of the skins of the mod project DARKARTOO

[Image: 436411471-487955800462172-6508468964348571908-n.jpg] [Image: 436314838-1993781197746116-8531993298829004930-n.jpg] [Image: 436447308-455026360440226-5483357713142191883-n.jpg] [Image: 445766603-438965072197376-5937073874809576557-n.jpg] [Image: 436724291-426823983318815-8056474623220428513-n.jpg] [Image: 436518162-464663776022208-317991629146616896-n.jpg] [Image: 442450501-1203183127719664-6214693592667751126-n.jpg]
by Almighty Jack E at 29-04-2024, 11:14 PM
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