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by mahaDD at 09-02-2024, 05:22 PM
How can i download  HF x for free for android 11
by Almighty Jack E at 04-02-2024, 07:54 PM
The projectiles released by any character can be found  in 185 - Data.Global_itemSpt
So, to modify the characteristics of any projectile released by characters, you will have to modify the ActionGroup and Frame of the corresponding projectile in the ItemSpt

Here are some important things I've been able to learn, by the help of Jeatles.

1. To make an projectile travel farther  after it's been released, e.g, Lucas' air blade, you have to increase the "ite_lifeTime": in the ActionGroup which has the "name": as lucasB

2. To make a prop more durable, e.g, making Lucas' air blade to be able to take out other projectiles, e.g, Shawn's arrowsuper or Livermore's laser and still keep going, you have to change "ite_dura": and "ite_duraD": in the ActionGroup and increase "attackMany": in the corresponding Frame of the Action.

 [Note: Frame index can be found in the corresponding Action]

Due to my limited knowledge, I don't fully understand the relationship between "ite_dura": and "ite_duraD": , but for clarity, you can increase the dura to a very large number, and the duraD, to a very small number, e.g

"ite_dura": 8000.0,
"ite_duraD": 60.0,

Experiments have proven those values to be able to incredibly increase the strength of a prop.
More will be added gradually.
by Julian at 04-02-2024, 04:33 PM
How to make the flame cannon have penetration effect? Like the super arrow.
by 不饿白帝BEBD at 02-02-2024, 05:17 PM
When entering the game, select the "Volleyball Field" map to play volleyball matches! In order to reduce the difficulty of the game, the game rules and volleyball competition rules are slightly different

Video demon: video


[Image: CQ2-V1-LYO2-JH-VSHE72-VP.png]
by Julian at 27-01-2024, 01:32 PM
I extracted the SWF file in HFX, and there was an error after opening it with HFW.

[Image: 360-20240127203202127.jpg]
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