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by Kuba4ful at 12-10-2014, 02:33 PM
This is my first char, maked in MS Paint (I'm really bad with Photoshop :()
It names Deon.
He has lost his left arm in the war with Demon's.
Head is Leo, Hair is Eason S. Pants is Raye and Left Arm is Eason S

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by MangaD at 10-10-2014, 11:42 AM
Today I will answer some questions regarding the HF Browser version and provide an alternative way for playing HF.

At this moment, the HF Browser version cannot be played at the Hero Fighter official website. In brief, the HF browser version was being maintained by the Mochi Media company. Mochi Media's parent company, Shanda, dissolved the Mochi Media business effective at 31 March 2014. As such, the browser version's provider is now gone.

There is no official way of playing Hero Fighter in browser, atm. Luckily, I had the .swf of the browser version.
Considering that the browser version is not working and, on top of this, the downloadable version is giving 'false positives' on Chrome, I have made a portable version of the .swf using Adobe Flash Player's standalone projector.

Portable version 0.7: Windows.

Edit: The reason why the downloadable version is giving 'false positives' on Chrome is because of the Hero Fighter toolbar, which is based on the Conduit toolbar. The Conduit toolbar is now considered adware - or advertising-supported software, is any software package which automatically renders advertisements in order to generate revenue for its author. This does not mean that the game is harmful, however, and the installation of the HF toolbar is completely optional.- Virus Total Analysis- About Conduit
by Dragon5 at 08-10-2014, 10:32 PM
Starting off simple, I'm just gonna have a couple of spoilers that detail the inner workings of the game to the best of my knowledge. Expect it to be done as time passes. Pictures to complement them will be inserted later. You can also see my personal thoughts and insight at the end of each section.

Guard System (WIP) (Click to View)
MP Mechanics/Regeneration (Click to View)
Damage Scaling (WIP) (Click to View)
Stamina Findings (Click to View)
Normalized Discussion (Click to View)
Special Thanks:
MangaD- Getting me off my lazy, busy a** and work to finally unravel the complications behind HF and finish HFE.
A special friend- Has covered a few things inside HF that has proved useful for this. 

Have a question not covered? Ask, and I'll reply to the best of my ability.
by BlazingGale at 08-10-2014, 07:19 PM
Hello guys and welcome to my story series :) In this series I will fill the gaps there are in the story mode... gaps we all probably wan to know what happen'd in them...
Anyways... I hope you will enjoy This story as much as i enjoyed making it :)

Chapter One: Leo VS Iczzy

Leo readied his sword. He did not  move a muscle, And still, His arms and leg's were shaking from stress. He was about to face one of the Big Three Warriors. The three warriors he knew NOTHING about their fighting style.

Iczzy: I can sense that you are a powerful fighter. But are you strong enough?
Leo: Stop this nonsense talk!!! We both know that you aren't here to praise my skill and strength!
Iczzy: Waiting for me to make the first move are you? Listen kid. When you need to fight FIGHT don't talk!
Leo: Look who is talking...
Iczzy: It does not mater for me. I can beat you down to a bloody cockroach in a mater of seconds!
Leo: We will see about that!

Leo started running towards Iczzy ready to swing his sword.
Iczzy: Charge!
All the soldiers started charging at Leo ready to tear him up to shreds. They Surrounded him and all of them got flown back. Leo swung his sword, Powerfully knocking all the soldiers back. He carved his way fro Iczzy's army like he was cutting a rock to tow half's. He passed all the soldiers and started rushing towards Iczzy, Starting his sword rush.
Iczzy's stayed in place and just cast'd an icicle on the ground. The growing icicle clashed with Leo's sword. Leo stopped in his place right that second, As his legs were trapped in solid ice.

Iczzy: See? You cant even power fro a weak icicle! Of curse it isent right to blame you for that when the one who cast'd this icicle was ME"
Leo just smiled as he felt the ice shaking.
Leo: Are you sure about that pal?!
And just as he finished talking his leg burst'd fro the ice, Shattering it into pieces. His kick continued up wards towards Iczzy's Crotch.
But in lightning speed Iczzy spine'd his body And struck'd Leo with his elbow in his belly, Followed by three punches to his chest. Leo had to back off a little bit. He was so dizy that he was barely able to stand without falling to the ground. Iczzy Walked towards him and grasped him below the chin, Lifting him up in the air.
While Leo tried to release him self from Iczzy's grasp, Strange light blue aura started to build it self around Iczzy's hand. When the aura was decent size big, He punched Leo with that hand. As soon as that punch came in touch with Leo ice started to Build it self on Leo's body; It continued to become bigger and bigger and bigger... Until Leo was cover'd in a thick layer of solid ice.

Iczzy slammed Leo to the ground shattering all the ice into shards and releasing Leo from his ice jail... But he wasn't satisfied... Way should he be? He grasped Leo by his shirt and threw him up high to the air. Ad then he crossed his hands forming a X figure
Leo's vision was very blurry... He saw Iczzy's figure so tiny down below him. He saw the light blue energy bursting fro Iczzy's body and transforming into ice. He saw that ice climbing high... High to the sky... High to him. He felt the cold ice striking him and surrounding his body. He saw the 100 same images in different sizes fro the ice, he saw the same sky blurring out as he falls to the ground... He saw the ice shards as he crashed to the ground. He  heard foot steps behind him. He saw Iczzy looking at him.. Ant then everything darkened...
And the next thing he remembers... He fights again... But this time he fights to not be a witches puppet...
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