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Verdusk's Fanarts
So I've finally gotten back to drawing HF fanarts lately! They mostly feature Giggs for some reason but I will probably actually draw one that does not have Giggs in it someday.

Potato Lord Giggs vs Lucas (Click to View)
Throne of the Potato Lord (Potato Lord Giggs sitting on his throne eating a potato, a couple of Potato torches burning beside him and the Potato banner visible behind him) (Click to View)
Giggs practicing Jenny's Energy Drill (Click to View)
Secret Potato Arts: French Fries Slam (Click to View)
Forest Ambush (Click to View)
Phoenix infantries prepare for stage 2 (by disguising as bandits) (Click to View)
Giggs the Potato Lord (Click to View)
Giggs the Potato Lord v2 (Click to View)
Potato Golem - minion idea for the Potato Lord (Click to View)
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(that is a lie, but it's for a pun so it's okay)
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  • MangaD, Kevin, Pete P.
The last two were the best ones ;d

In the last one that's a hand behind the glass on the right? xD
Forest ambush was neatly made haha.. And McGiggs too. :D
This is so funny and so HF-ish. Joy
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