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Hero Fighter X Unofficial Change Log
It seems that Level 70 isn't really the cap atm as it seems that going to Level 71 is possible.

I uploaded this for better referencing:

[Image: image_zpscix0yjqn.jpg]
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God damn... I used "~70" to guesstimate some sort of range but that even turns to likely be wrong. How is Marti gonna balance the game modes if he doesn't set a reasonable cap? Anyway, thanks for confirming at least that. I'll just put it at 100. If that is wrong, I fear for the future of players who will grind the game before new content comes out.
He claims that he lets his 'noob' wife test the game, but I think she'd be a pro in the latter Acts.

I firmly believe that as long as you know how to best use a hero, that stage should be winnable without needing cards. I'll salute anyone that can do such until the very end.

I would have guesstimate the same, and I'm surprised the cap went above Level 70. I fear more for the difficulty spike, that sometines I hope there isn't an Act 8.

Also, I'm not too sure how the 'training' stage self-fixes with their level difficulty (whether based on the current stage level or not), but it seems unrealistic to power-level more than 5 levels higher than the current stage level (Training a hero up to Level 65 is manageable if your current stage is Level 60), so I don't think anyone can really super-grind the game.
It's depressing. MangaD and I together invested close to 1,000 hours in HF before going mobile and it turned to this. 
I admit that turning it into a casual game gets initial momentum, but casual games are all about the content. If he doesn't provide updates on a constant basis, it will die and at that point nothing can save it. There's very little replayability with no difficulty settings or normalize feature. To the average player, once they beat it they probably won't touch it much anymore. 

I also feel like the card system is a double-edged sword. I only use it if circumstances seem impossible, and I don't really use it often as a self-proclaimed HF veteran.

If Marti does provide an Act 8, chances are he'll most likely cater it towards players who have higher levels after beating Act 7. I don't want this game to die, but Marti's decision to make such a giant level cap is already one sign of the game becoming imbalanced in the future.
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Apart from replaying certain levels for mass-level grinding, I agree, I probably wouldn't even bother replaying certain stages unless I knew it gave some good level-ups.

Maybe if he completed the Mobile during the prime of Hero Fighter Online, perhaps there would have been stronger momentum..not too sure. As much as I could rant on how he put together certain stages, I wouldn't wanna see it die, for his sake.

But whenever Act 8 decides to come, I think I'm ready for it.

[Image: image_zpsj1un6y7f.jpg]
I've completed Act 7, Referral code is '148899', thanks :)

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