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Hero Fighter X Unofficial Change Log
I decided to look into the game with my knowledge of HF. A lot has changed; can't say I'm the biggest fan of touch controls. Overall, it's a lot more streamlined. This started from just a few hours' worth of play of digging into; some of it you already know. I hope for this to become a community effort. 
Anyway, here's your change log from what we can find in lieu of Marti's official updates. Feel free to report anything I might have wrong or post what I failed to put in here.

Jun-27-15:  MP costs for 4-star and 5-star heroes from 0.6 and 0.7 would be appreciated. I would like to see if their costs have been adjusted from the PC version.
Jun-29-15: Leo's data has been covered.

2016: Miscellaneous. Added notes I forgot I had on Livermore. He's been buffed like crazy with only slight nerfs.

Update Log (Click to View)
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o   Pickups get a direct bonus on you you when you walk over them. No picking required.
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Forgot about that. And updated with new information I found. Thanks.
Another one

  • Level up now requires a constant 1000 Xp to level up. No larger xp required for larger ranks. And, i don't think that the xp drop rate changes.

MangaD  edited this post 10-06-2015 05:42 PM because:

Could you please keep the font size normal?

(10-06-2015, 04:12 PM)Hellblazer Wrote: Another one

  • Level up now requires a constant 1000 Xp to level up. No larger xp required for larger ranks. And, i don't think that the xp drop rate changes.

It's always been 1000 experience to level up. You're right on the latter part though
Yeah, at least  the drop rate does not change like hf pc which is frustrating.
I found another fact but i need to confirm bfore posting it.

@MangaD: I did not change the font size.
Maybe my phone changes it automatically, due to auto magnifier of google chrome (phone).
Minor update. Added in the Sorrow system and a few balance changes I found.
Battle Mode

- Not all heroes will start on a horse for Battle Mode, Heroes like LiverMore will start on a Triceratops, he'll also respawn on it.

- Heroes get their health refilled with extra cash bonus ($50) whenever they kill an increment of 50 enemies. Achieving this also renews the 3 lives the hero gets, so it nullifies any previous 20 second recovery with a replaced 3x 3 second recovery (assuming your hero fainted at least four times before getting 50 kills).

(General) Going to your home menu and force-shutting HFX will not count towards any loss. However, any cards used (or any EXP gained) in that stage will be removed as well.
I'll change the wording on spawning with a ridee on battle mode, but what you said is redundant to post as bonus lives existed in Hero Fighter's Battle mode on the PC.
Also now noted is Vivian's MUCH needed MP adjustments as well as the card system (because why not).

The goal here is NOT to note every single detail on the game, but make a list that describes what has changed from the PC version.

Edit: If anyone can send me the move costs of characters such as Livermore, Sinan, Eason, or the Big Three, I'd appreciate it. I'd like to compare their MP costs from the PC version to see if Marti tweaked them.
I don't really see how it's redundant since your previous log mentioned 'All heroes will start on a horse', which I felt there needed to be a correction. I never played the PC version so pardon me on that, since I played Little Fighter 2 before. 

I could help with the MP list but I might need better referrals to unlock Eason and the other Big Three. A little disappointed that Act 5 referrals is almost needed in HFX.

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