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[PC] Hero Fighter | Download Archive
With the impending release of Hero Fighter X for mobile, there is no link for downloading the old Hero Fighter PC version at the official website anymore. So, I have uploaded a few things to Mediafire for you. :)
A few notes:
  • HF installer contains the HF toolbar which was meant to bring some revenue to the author. This toolbar is now considered adware by most antivirus, so the installer file might get blocked by your browser and/or antivirus.
  • HF .exe file from the installer won't work on Windows 10, use HF Portable instead.
  • HF Portable is not the original game executable file. Rather, it is the browser version of the game wrapped in a new .exe file (made with Adobe Flash Player projector). The advantages are full screen, zoom in/out, and possibility to record with Fraps. It works on Windows XP.
  • HF v0.1.1 (only browser version exists) is missing. Only a few browser versions (swf) are provided because I didn't find the other ones.
  • The original browser versions are encrypted. This means they take longer to load (you get the nice "loading" screen) and HF Workshop is unable to edit them. That's why unencrypted versions are also provided.
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