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[Attack] Make Shawn's arrows freeze the enemy
In this tutorial we are going to make Shawn's arrow freeze the enemy.

[Image: arrow-freeze.gif]

It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with the HF Workshop tool. If he is not, he is advised to go to the linked thread, read it and watch the tutorial video.


1. Export the data file 142 - Data.Global_globalDat.
2. The Attack file that corresponds to Shawn's arrow is Attack_53.json. Open it.
3. Replace the type value with 100.0 in the file Attack_53.json. It should look like this:

    "Data.Attack": {
        "hp": 25.0,
        "fall": 100.0,
        "brk": 50.0,
        "name": "ite_arrowHit",
        "ref": -1.0,
        "z1": 60.0,
        "dizzy": 60.0,
        "x1": 0.0,
        "stun": 0.0,
        "x2": 150.0,
        "z2": 0.0,
        "y1": 0.0,
        "type": 100.0,
        "y2": 150.0,
        "selfStun": 0.0,
        "effect": 0.0,
        "vx": 17.0,
        "dxMirror": false,
        "vy": 0.0,
        "i": 53.0,
        "vz": 0.0,
        "j": 0.0,
        "dx": 0.0,
        "refName": null,
        "l": 1.0,
        "aaa": true

4. Save the file Attack_53.json in the zip archive.
5. Replace the 142 - Data.Global_globalDat resource in the game with the new zip file.
6. Export EXE.

BEBD has provided a list with the possible values for the type attribute and what they mean:

[Image: global-Dat-Attack-type-attribute.png]

Special thanks to @不饿白帝BEBD for telling me how to do this!
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Using HF Workshop, export data Data.globalDat, whose ID is 142 in v0.7. Inside Data.globalDat ZIP file there are a bunch of JSON files with the preffix Attack. The JSON file that corresponds to Shawn's arrow is Attack_58.json. Inside this file there is a "type" key with value 0.0. Change this value to 112.0 and save this JSON file in the ZIP (replacing the existing one). Then, replace Data.globalDat in the game using HF Workshop with your modified ZIP file.
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