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HFE CN - New fan site for the Chinese

For those who don't know, China has a thing called The Great Firewall of China, which makes it difficult for the Chinese to access foreign websites. Many Chinese have complained that they are unable to access HFE or that it loads very slowly. For this reason, @O n L y has created a while back a forum for the Chinese community, hosted in a Shangai server. Here is the link: http://hf-empire.top

There is a lot of activity there from the Chinese community, go check it out!

You may be wondering why I don't just move the official HFE to the Shangai server. That is because I am doubtful of China's policies, don't know if they'll ever make it difficult for foreigners to access their servers,  if I can trust them with our sensitive data, or if they are reliable. Also, @O n L y is in charge of the HFE CN Forum, he likes to customize it in his own way, and he's much more in touch with the Chinese players than I am. I, @MangaD, do not take responsibility over HFE CN Forum, but I've added the link to our link archive!
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