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    my edit guys

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  • BlazingGale
As someone who's done HF edits for years, and can be considered one of the best (currently the best because I'm alone :( ) I approve.

I see a lot of mistakes in this edit (which I will point out later), but I can see you're a beginner to this, and I'm guessing you used MS paint to make this. So don't take any of these personally, just improve upon them on the next time.

1) The angle of the blade does not match the angle of the shaft.
2) The character's left hand isn't holding the weapon, even though it looks like it should.
3) Skin color of the arms does not the skin color of the face
4) You didn't remove the bit of the pants from Eason's shirt that you used for the character.
5) The legs are placed too far to the left.
6) The character's shoes have no soles.
7) Legge's hair cuts out at the ends.
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  • MangaD
About Eason's daughter, the connection of the head with the body looks all right. The connection of the arm with the body makes her head look buried or her shoulders being lifted though, so it should be lower. The proportions of the feet are too big for a female and the body could be thinner as well. I don't fancy unnatural hair colors but that is personal preference.

One thing I absolutely abominate though, is the pixelated outline. There is also needless background area making the picture bigger in size for no reason, and you could have made the background transparent.
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