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Room Server v0.7+
Room Server v0.7+

Last update: 2021-12-25

This is an improved version of the original Room Server.

Important note: For opening a Room Server to public, you need to port forward your router. There are many guides on how to do it, but each case is slightly different. Here is a guide you can try. If you still have problems with this step, you can join us on IRC or Discord, and there might be someone there who can help you better.

Planned Features (Click to View)
Change log (Click to View)
Bugs in the original Room Server v0.7 that were fixed (Click to View)
Bugs in the original Room Server v0.7 that were NOT fixed (Click to View)
Default Settings (Click to View)
Improvements and Changes (Click to View)
New features (Click to View)

This Room Server uses version control, so it needs internet connection in order to work. This way it is also possible to stop outdated versions from working in case they have a serious bug or undesired feature(s).

Special thanks to So Louis, Choco Sundae and Ben Wang for translating the new interface to Chinese. And very very special thanks to Marti Wong for making this awesome game!

Note: This project is currently stopped due to HF's current circumstances. However, bug reports and suggestions are still appreciated and patches might be made if necessary.

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  • Dragon5, Pete P., BlazingGale
I have a few requests for new commands for the room server.

1) Kickvote command.

A. Sometimes players are being annoying and they keep pressing shift + q after they lose in a 1v1v1, or they try to play story mode when there are 2 other players trying to play pvp. This is extremely annoying and there is no way to get rid of them now, so a vote-kick command would come in real handy.
B. Sometimes if you're waiting for a player, a different player will show up and take up the last empty spot. So it would be nice if we could kick him so the friend can join.

2) PvP Pre setting command.
What it is: 
A command that sets the game up quickly for pvp matches. As in it removes the rides and objects, it sets the map to small hut, sets normalized level on and changes difficulty to either crazy or easy (you can make the command like pvp0 for easy mode and pvp1 for crazy mode)
A. Convenience.

3) Troops command.
What it is:
If it is possible it would be nice to be able to just add troops without the need for a host player/com. For example the command can be "/troops lucas ghost*3" to add to lucas 3 fire ghost troop units [if it's a player than the player's name]. OR it can be "/troop ghost*3 2" to add 3 units of fire ghost troops to team 2, without a host. 
I think it will be really cool to build custom armies that way and have a big pvp with your custom army. Also if it is possible it would be nice if you could also make it so it is possible to add the hero troops [wrestler, swordsman, etc.] that way.

4) FPS changer command.
What it is:
A command to change the amount of frames per second the game will play at.
It would be nice to be able to change the FPS the game is at because it might make playing with latency a little easier, or make stage mode easier. It would also make it easier on newer players to play since they will have more time to react, and that way they will get used to the HF lag.

5) ban by IP command.
What it is:
A command to ban a player from a room by his IP.
Sometimes players who have been kicked will insist to come back again and again and keep annoying the other players.

Thanks in advance for your time.
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  • MangaD
Thank you for your contribution. I will add the new features when I get some free time.

  • Ban by IP
  • Latency command with and without minimum limit.
  • Add soldier heroes in the addcom command
    /addcom sorcerer
    /addcom wrestler
    /addcom axeman
    /addcom swordsman
  • dragon, phoenix, moore commands
  • /qq - shows QR code (https://media.discordapp.net/attachments...73_1_1.jpg)
  • ...
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Oh my, 2 years without activity here.  Stupid

I'm making this post to announce that a new version of the HF Room Server v0.7+ (previously "Mod by MangaD") has just been released. In reality, this project hasn't been inactive for 2 years, because a C++ version of the Room Server was created a few years ago (for running in servers) and has been maintained since then. This version is the Java version, and hasn't been maintained for a while, until now.

So, here is what is new:
  • There is a new developer creating new features for the Room Server - @Tommy.
  • Tommy has created a new chat command (/rl) for showing the public rooms with players inside. He has also created a new feature in which HF v0.7+ (2021 update) will inform the Room Server of the winning team, and the Room Server will log the winning team of a match, including the details of the match.
  • I have taken this opportunity to update a few things as well. It no longer makes sense to name this project "Mod by MangaD" for two reasons:
    • Tommy is now contributing to this project;
    • This Room Server should become the standard for everyone to use, just like HF v0.7+. If anyone is skilled enough to make their own version of the Room Server, then it is better that they join this project instead of having multiple Room Servers out there.
    The remaining changes / new features are specified in the change log of the main thread.

Have fun!  Slight smile
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The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.
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