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Indie Prize + HF... on Steam?
Marti Wong Wrote:I want to do the independent APK version of HFX. But don't know when will I have time to do so. At this moment, preparation for the Casual Connect game show, and Steam version are at the top of my priority list.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/herofigh...22R5%22%7D

Good news! Hero Fighter X has been accepted into the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect USA 2015 (San Francisco 11-13 August). You may meet Marti if you happen to be there.

And wow, looks like Marti is seriously considering to make Hero Fighter on Steam! Joy
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I can't say I'll be happy if Marti simply ports the mobile version over to Steam. I'm not spending another 5 bucks just to have better controls. Hopefully by this time he has more content made and possibly an extra mode or two. 

Secretly praying that he actually balances the characters for a VS mode. It probably won't happen though...
Oh my... I also read the comment before, on Facebook, and I was like WTF!?
Then, I saw this thread, and I was like "soo, it was true? -_- "
I don't play on Steam, so, not that good news for me, but its BOOM​erang â€‹news for others!

I hope, one day, internet comes to my home and I play Steam.
HFX released! Woohoo.. ~~

" LF2 Against The Evils", my first LF2 video series.
Check my channel :D :-

Litte Fighter Videos <-- This is a link! Click This!
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Here are some news from Marti:

Marti Wong Wrote:I attended 2 conferences: Casual Connect & Digital Taipei and here's the summary:

In Casual Connect, I was a bit frustrated. Not because HFX didn't get any prize. There were a few of US visitors said HFX is a copycat after watching the demo. When I asked what game did it copy. They couldn't tell and one said "Nevermind". it really pissed me off. I believe HFX is quite unique and has a lot of my original ideas. If they were willing to spend a few minutes to try the game, they might change their mind. May be some bad experience with some Chinese companies made them biased. I also met some LF2 and HF fans. But it seems to me that most of the US players tend to like the no-brianer and casual games. HFX is just too hard-core and "heavy" for them. I am happy to met some Indies, friends from the game industry (Hui-Ku Shih and NiTe Luo), and some publishers. We talked for a while and I figured out how to fix the monetisation problem. As I need to do the development and testing alone, it will take weeks to finish the next update.

In Digital Taipei, I met 炎羅, I truly appreciate his advice and tips. LF is still quite famous in Taiwan. I took pictures with many LF fans. Compared to the US trip, I felt much warmer in Taiwan. Besides talking to the people, I attended some seminars and learnt alot.

Now, I am back and I need to focus on the update of HFX mobile version again. I am start to doubt, should I make the steam version? It is just too slow and time consuming to do the steam in a one man team. Should I change my priority? Get rid of the indie status first before considering to do steam?
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The meaning of life is to give life a meaning.
Stop existing. Start living.
"May be some bad experience with some Chinese companies made them biased."

The line that made me emotional..  :'(
Wow MangaD i'am thankfull to you, this is seriously good news friends! i'am very excited  Grin

this is old post but good news  :)

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