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HF Player List
Making a list of the hero fighter players will help us all to meet and play HF easier and will boost online gameplay!

Post of Reference:


-Display name: ---
-Gender: Male / Female / undisclosed
-Year of birth: --- / undisclosed
-Location: country / undisclosed
-Contact: pm(private message) / email / facebook / twitter / skype ID / undisclosed / etc
-Websites: Website (URL) / sites / blog / Forums / etc
-Favourite character(s): ---
-Skilled character(s): ---
-Premium member: Yes / No / undisclosed
-Modes you want play with others: Story / VS / Battle
-Off-Putting: unacceptable-offensive-unpleasant behaviors / trolls / hacks-cracks / account stealing / etc
-HF room servers: -Can you make ones?-
-Self-introduction: -general info-
-Others: ---
-HF clan: -HF Clans are organised at HF facebook group / HF clans facebook group-
-How you learned about HF: ---
-Your first version: ---
-HF interests: spriting / sketching-drawing / programming / etc
-Expectations towards HF: HF development / HF modes-story evolution / updates / online gameplay / etc


-Display name: Overlord Hunter
-Location: Greece
-Gender: Male
-Year of birth: 1997
-Contact: Contact me by pm or by email (which is available at this forum), facebook: Overlord Hunter
-Websites: No any websites or blogs of mine, you can find me at HFE, LFE, ztage forum and at DeviantART
-Favourite character(s): Lucas, Drew, Gordon, Leo, Eason swordless, Iczzy
-Skilled character(s): Lucas, Drew, Gordon (at least while I was an active player)
-Premium member: No (not yet)
-Modes you want play with others: VS mode and story mode at crazy
-Off-Putting: It really annoys me when the other players troll(add many soldiers), speak offensive/foreign(not english) language, laggy gameplay and players
-HF room servers: I can't make ones, I prefer to meet others at official or at their rooms
-Self-introduction: Just a guy with many ideas but with not so much time to make them happen and for now the Global Moderator of the HFE, bio
-Others: I like painting, basketball, table tennis, computer science and HF
-HF Clan: member of the ragnarök clan
-How you learned about HF: First played LF2 and then I saw an adverstisement about HF
-Your first version: v0.2.1 (or something)
-HF interests: Only some pity sketching and 1-2 efforts to sprite, I also like giving suggestions about HF (and finding bugs XD), I have also done the Greek translations for HF story
-Expectations towards HF: I want Marti to recover from his economical (or whatever) difficulties and start HF development again, more updates, better quality of each version, online player ranking mechanism, point mechanism so as to unlock premium chars through gameplay points, more story stages than 10

P.S. Copy, paste, fill in and post
[Image: HFEv2.0.jpg]
-Display name: zIyf3r
-Gender: Male
-Year of birth: 1998
-Location: Germany
-Contact: PM HFE, E-Mail, Skype (Visit: HFE-profile)
-Websites: Hero Fighter Training Camp
-Favourite character(s): Shawn, Livermore
-Skilled character(s): Jason
-Premium member: Yes
-Modes you want play with others: VS, Battle
-Off-Putting: I don't like players who always spam the 'quit'-button.
-HF room servers: Sadly, no.
-Self-introduction: See my bio (Visit: HFE-profile).
-Others: I like programming (especially eclipse and batch), computer games.
-HF clan: I am not a member of a clan but I created a little subcommuntiy called Hero Fighter Training Camp.
-How you learned about HF: First played LF2 known from my brothers, then I saw the HF-ad ingame.
-Your first version: v0.2.2
-HF interests: Programming, less spriting
-Expectations towards HF: I just want Marti to don't give up Hero Fighter and continue it.
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Thanks given by:
  • Pete P.
Display Name: ★★raam★★
Gender: Male
Year Of Birth: 2000
Location: Israel
Contact Me: Facebook {Denis Gruzmark}
Website: None
Favorite Characters: Lucas, Leo, Swordsman Eason, Heater, Shawn, Drew, Vivian, Eason, Iczzy.
Skilled Characters: Lucas {The Most}, Leo, Swordsman Eason, Eason, Heater, Iczzy.
Premium Member: Yes, But not the man account.
Modes I Am Interested In: VS
Off Putting: I dont like players who spam the quit button as they lose, and I dont like players that don't talk english, And I dont like players ask me to help them go fro battle mode, and i also dont like players who say: GO GO GO, or START NOW as soon as they enter the room.
HF Room Servers: Can't Make One
Self Introduction: I dont have a lot of time in my hands, and i love editing and rock songs.
HF Clans: The Mafia {Once was the secondary leader of The Chaos Crew}
How I Lerned About HF: I saw it on a website when I was with a broken leg and couldent do anything but play and sit. HF made those once despicable days much easier. dragged me in and didn't let go lol
My First Version: Version 6 {after I was able to walk on my own i forgot about the game and came back to it 2 days after version 7 was released}
HF interest: Art {editing and learning to sprite}, wanting to lern how to mod. animating {soon}.
Expectations Towards HF: New stages to release.
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-Display name: MangaD
-Gender: Male
-Year of birth: 1993
-Location: Portugal
-Contact: PM (private message) | E-mail
-Websites: ---
-Favourite character(s): Livermore (both forms), Shawn
-Skilled character(s): ---
-Premium member: Yes
-Modes you want play with others: All
-Off-Putting: ---
-HF room servers: Yea.
-Self-introduction: Just another guy. Grin
-Others: ---
-HF clan: -undisclosed-
-How you learned about HF: Saw the HF-ad at the LF2 official website.
-Your first version: Forgot. Tongue
-HF interests: Programming.
-Expectations towards HF: I'd like HF to be moddable and more customizable.
[Image: random.php?pic=random]
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Thanks given by:
  • Pete P.
-Display name: Jernemies
-Gender: Male
-Year of birth: 1996
-Location: Fin
-Contact: pm
-Favourite character(s): Leo, Jenny
-Skilled character(s): Forgot
-Premium member: Yes
-Modes you want play with others: any
-Off-Putting: scammers trying to steal accounts (or even credit card numbers)
-HF room servers: Nope (port forwarding is currently impossible)
-Self-introduction: A jack-of-all-trades, studying atm
-Others: ---
-HF clan:
-How you learned about HF: Announcement at LF-Empire
-Your first version: The first one (0.1.0 I believe) with Lucas, Drew, and Shawn in it
-HF interests: None atm
-Expectations towards HF: Continuation
Thanks given by:
  • Pete P., MangaD
-Display name: tpramar
-Gender: Male
-Year of birth: 06/02/2002
-Location: India
-Contact: pm/ tpr.amar@gmail.com
-Websites: http://gamesyear.wordpress.com
-Favourite character(s): Shawn and Drew
-Skilled character(s): Gordon and shawn
-Premium member: No
-Modes you want play with others: Story, VS and battle
-Off-Putting: u
-HF room servers:
-Can you make ones?-
-Self-introduction: - -Others: ---
-HF clan: -HF Clans are organised at HF facebook
group / HF clans facebook group-
-How you learned about HF: ---
-Your first version: ---
-HF interests: Like to play story mode toooo much
-Expectations towards HF: continue
My goal Is to get all characters in Hero Fighter X. So please help me...
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-Display name: nikhil the great
-Gender: Male
-Year of birth: 2003
-Contact: ---
-Websites: ---
-Favourite character(s): Lucas
-Skilled character(s): ---
-Premium member: No
-Modes you want play with others: Story
-Off-Putting: ---
-HF room servers: ---
-Self-introduction: ...
-Others: ---
-HF clan: -undisclosed-
-How you learned about HF: Saw the HF-ad at the LF2 official website.
-Your first version: nilSmile
-HF interests: ---
-Expectations towards HF: I'd like HF to be moddable and more customizable.
-Display name: ---
-Gender: Male
-Year of birth: 1995
-Location: India
-Contact: pm(private message) / skype ID - debesh95
-Websites: --
-Favourite character(s): Jenny, Shawn, Legge, Raye
-Skilled character(s): Legge
-Premium member: ---
-Modes you want play with others: Story / VS / Battle
-Off-Putting: ---
-HF room servers: ---
-Self-introduction: Well a normal guy who happens to like Hero Fighter X.
-Others: ---
-HF clan: ---
-How you learned about HF: Little Fighter 2
-Your first version: Hero Fighter X
-HF interests: spriting, programming
-Expectations towards HF: HF modes-story evolution
I need a spriter to help in my All Stars Project.. So if anyone interested, please contact me.

-Display name: nadav
-Gender: Male
-Year of birth: 1999
-Location: israel
-Contact: none
-Websites: none
-Favourite character(s): lucas heater and swordless eason (davis clone ftw)
-Skilled character(s): lucas (at computer version only played with him)
-Premium member: yes tho i doubt it matters anymore...
-Modes you want play with others: Story / VS
-Off-Putting: nothing
-HF room servers: kinda non existant anymore
-Self-introduction: im that one guy that keeps shamelessly advertising hero fighter x to get chars even tho nobody wants to play it near me
-Others: ---
-HF clan: ---
-How you learned about HF: the lf2 advertisement
-Your first version: the one with only lucas drew and shawn fighting each other (when the ad started showing on lf2)
-HF interests: none
-Expectations towards HF: honestly none anymore.... i stopped beliving in episode 8 at 2013
-Display name: Bhargav Modak
-Gender: Male 
-Year of birth: 2002 A.D.
-Location: The Republic of India
-Contact: bhargavmodak@yahoo.co.in / facebook : Bhargav Modak/ thebrahmnicboy@gmail.com
-Websites: https://sites.google.com/view/www-thebra...y-com/home
-Favourite character(s): Eason the Swordsman and Lucas
-Skilled character(s): Eason the Swordsman and Lucas
-Premium member: No :-(
-Modes you want play with others: Story / Battle
-Off-Putting: Didn't get....
-HF room servers: Yes
-Self-introduction: Some one who is a Dimensional therorist, imaginator and one who cares about the far future of earth..
-Others: I like Drawing about games I play, Writing stories and poems, Thinking.....etc.
-HF clan: I am not active much to be a part of a clan. 
-How you learned about HF: The secret code in LF2 about herofighter.com
-Your first version: v0.70
-HF interests: drawing and writing stories
-Expectations towards HF: HF modes-story evolution and adittion of survival mode in PC and Sandbox mode in mobile. 
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