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How can I add new premium characters? And how can I add more skins?
Hi everyone I am currently working on a mod project called DARKARTOO and i am currently stuck on some topics and need assistance,
How can I add more premium characters? these are for use as bosses but also to increase incentives for premium
How can I add more skins for characters troops and mounts?
also when is the paypal for premium going to be up I would like to support the creator of the game and also test the premium characters.
If I could get assistance in these topics that would be amazing thank you

Current state of some of the skins of the mod project DARKARTOO

[Image: 436411471-487955800462172-6508468964348571908-n.jpg] [Image: 436314838-1993781197746116-8531993298829004930-n.jpg] [Image: 436447308-455026360440226-5483357713142191883-n.jpg] [Image: 445766603-438965072197376-5937073874809576557-n.jpg] [Image: 436724291-426823983318815-8056474623220428513-n.jpg] [Image: 436518162-464663776022208-317991629146616896-n.jpg] [Image: 442450501-1203183127719664-6214693592667751126-n.jpg]
Hello @ADRNNOOO, welcome to HF Empire!

Adding new characters (instead of replacing existing ones) is beyond what HF Workshop can currently do. This requires reverse engineering HF on a different level and has potential negative consequences if taught to the public. Therefore, you may have better luck contacting @不饿白帝BEBD in private. Same for adding more skins instead of replacing.

As for when PayPal will be up, I have brought this issue to Marti's attention but received no reply. Therefore, no idea.

Your skins are looking great! Looking forward to see your finished mod. Slight smile
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