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Thank you :)
I remember playing HF with my brother when I was only 9 years old. I couldn't remember the name, but after about 1 hour (yes, 1 hour) of parsing through entire flash game website libraries I found the 0.1 release on kongregate and was able to work from there. Ultimately I found this websiste and wanted to say thank you guys for preserving this game. It means a lot to me to be able to play this again. Someday in a few years from now I hope to support the developer, especially after reading about how he fled from Hong-Kong. I hope the best for you guys, thank you :)
Welcome to HF-Empire, @SmileJakoby!

You are welcome! I am glad that you could find the game and this website. It seems that you have read the articles on the main site, which is awesome.

Yes, the dev couldn't profit from the game and managed to get a job at Google in Australia. He would like to work on a remaster of the game in the future, but he will first do a remaster of Little Fighter 2.

Meanwhile, the community has managed to produce some mods of the game, which can be found in the Projects forum.

There are a lot of things to say, but if you read the articles on the main site and here you should get a good grasp of what has been happening.

Please join our Discord community as well, it is a good place for chit-chatting. Drsmile

Enjoy your stay!
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(14-09-2021, 11:10 AM)MangaD Wrote: Welcome to HF-Empire, @SmileJakoby!
 MangaD i have a question. Why do you banned e from LF2 Server? im not Reconsile if you dont believe me we can go like real men in a call and add Reconsile too so YOU will hear his voice and my voice. I dont deserver the ban. i just played with the commuity i made friends too and i never pinged you and never cared if you are here too but you banned me beause another guy did something bad!!??!? seriously?           let me say an example if you are a police officer and someone robbed  bank in Portugal are you gonna arrest someone else? 

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