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Thread: Hero Fighter – Story Editor
Post: Hero Fighter – Story Editor
Introduction Hero Fighter Story Editor is a program that is used to make custom stages that can be downloaded and played by everyone. The game's stages are written in XML format (https://www.w3scho...
2 Replies 6,354 Views
Thread: Write a weird story
Post: RE: Write a wierd story
But suddenly, The mysterious creature demon thing transformed into the god of death. No one was capable of withstanding his prowess. He killed every living being and destroyed earth. The, END... Or...
11 Replies 11,571 Views
Thread: HFX Sticker Pack + News
Post: HFX Sticker Pack + News
Hero Fighter X sticker pack (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hero-fighter-x-sticker-pack/id1153077394) is released (for iOS 10 only)! This Sticker Pack has some of the main characters, funny animat...
0 Replies 2,927 Views
Thread: Birthday thread
Post: RE: Birthday thread
Happy birthday O.H./Pete! :D And arona (if you visit again)
48 Replies 40,854 Views
Thread: HFE plugins selection to apply
Post: RE: HFE plugins selection to apply
Pete P. Wrote: (13-02-2016, 01:21 PM) -- I dont think that it is difficult to upload or apply each plugin, after David explained roughly to me how it's done i think its a matter of minutes. I also do...
3 Replies 6,020 Views
Thread: [Old documents] Mechanics for HF 0.70
Post: [Old documents] Mechanics for HF 0.70
I dug up two very old documents of mine that had a lot of information about the game's mechanics. The first one I want to bring up is how guarding worked. I'm too lazy to reformat it. The second one i...
0 Replies 2,906 Views
Thread: [spoilers] HF 0.8
Post: RE: [spoilers] HF next version
Updated post with the identities of Occam, Abbot and Alexander. Occam - Dragon's King Alexander - Phoenix's King Abbot - A Dragon's sorcerer Also added younger characters to the list, though some ...
22 Replies 33,445 Views
Thread: HFE Editor | Bug List
Post: RE: HFE Editor | Bug List
It is now possible to specify a language in the code. E.g. [noparse] [code=php]echo hello;[/code] [/noparse] [code=php]echo hello;[/code] [code=cpp]#include // testing bug @MangaD :) =D -_-  lfpwnd ...
3 Replies 5,418 Views
Thread: HF 0.7 - Stage 7 Crazy solo (no OP)
Post: HF 0.7 - Stage 7 Crazy solo (no OP)
HF 0.7 - Gordon Stage 7-1: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1655052941430628 HF 0.7- Stage 7 Crazy full with Shawn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O9Xd51GWMg
0 Replies 3,383 Views
Thread: Referral code
Post: RE: Referral code
Relvamon Wrote: (14-10-2015, 06:08 AM) -- Using someone\s referral code, despite their progress, will unlock a 3-star hero for you (unless you have already unlocked all 3-star heroes before adding s...
156 Replies 155,574 Views
Thread: Referral code
Post: RE: Referral code
Pete P. Wrote: (13-10-2015, 09:55 PM) -- Im really sorry guys but this is avtually my 1st time i get involved with hfx. My ref code is1498115. So ppl im not sure but i should better use urs ref code...
156 Replies 155,574 Views
Thread: Hero Fighter X v1.08/v1.05a is out!
Post: Hero Fighter X v1.08/v1.05a is out!
Hero Fighter X has been updated for Android today. iPhone/iPad version is to be updated around 25 Oct. Change log (android: v1.04 - v1.07 v1.08, ios: v1.04 - v1.05 v1.05a): Bug fixes. (Include the 92...
4 Replies 8,390 Views
Thread: Room Server v0.7+
Post: Room Server v0.7+
Room Server v0.7+ Download (https://www.mediafire.com/file/pm66kx0e6hf0yq6/RS_0.7%252B.zip/file) Last update: 2021-12-25 This is an improved version of the original (http://www.mediafire.com/file/g...
3 Replies 9,354 Views
Thread: Verdusk's Fanarts
Post: Verdusk's Fanarts
So I've finally gotten back to drawing HF fanarts lately! They mostly feature Giggs for some reason but I will probably actually draw one that does not have Giggs in it someday. [spoiler="Potato Lo...
3 Replies 5,779 Views
Thread: Indie Prize + HF... on Steam?
Post: Indie Prize + HF... on Steam?
Marti Wong Wrote: -- I want to do the independent APK version of HFX. But don't know when will I have time to do so. At this moment, preparation for the Casual Connect game show, and Steam version ar...
6 Replies 9,544 Views
Thread: What song are you listening to?
Post: RE: What song are you listening to?
Great song OH, I listened to it quite a few times.  :thumbsup:  Here comes more anime songs from me:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTPuQ9pEG8I
38 Replies 30,892 Views
Thread: HFX Questions
Post: RE: How to get heroes?
Without referral codes, you can earn 70% of all heroes. With referral codes you can: Earn a 3-star hero by inserting someone's referral code (only once); Earn a 3-star hero when someone who inserted ...
2 Replies 5,530 Views
Thread: HFE Editor | Bug List
Post: HFE Editor | Bug List
HFE Editor - Bug List Typing ". :) a" will convert to ".::) ". Smilies just not being correctly parsed in general. (emoticonsCompact in codebuttons related) When selecting the text in a post, a "Repl...
3 Replies 5,418 Views
Thread: [Chinese] Live interview to Marti Wong
Post: [Chinese] Live interview to Marti Wong
6 Replies 9,847 Views
Thread: Leon's Spriting / Edits
Post: RE: Raja's Spriting / Edits
Lixon. (ogerraja.deviantart.com/art/Hero-Fighter-Lixon-528512368) http://i59.tinypic.com/2dvvos2.jpg (http://rogerraja.deviantart.com/art/Hero-Fighter-Lixon-528512368)
17 Replies 24,317 Views