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Thread: 【新人报到】Upacco
Post: 【新人报到】Upacco
Hello~ こんにちは~ こんばんは~ 你好~ 안녕 Upaccoです~ (誰も待ってなかったけど...) Upacco、终于作为一名中二玩家正式登场啦!(와~~~???) それで今日はUpaccoを初めて会う人達のために紹介を作ってみたの 里面准备了三个问题,快尝试着去寻找答案吧。 那么事不宜迟,锵锵: 1.Q:Upacco今年多大了? A:设定上是17岁哦。虽然我刚过了...
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Thread: HFv0.7 (Equilibrium) with playable soldiers
Post: RE: HFv0.7 (Equilibrium) with playable soldiers
My notes on the characters in addition to https://hf-empire.com/hf-empire/gameplay/troops (https://hf-empire.com/hf-empire/gameplay/troops) : 0. Dinosaur -> Livermore 1. Lucas -> Villager. Cannot ro...
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