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People laugh, people cry.
Some give up, some still try.
Some say hi, while some say bye.
Some may forget you, but never will I.
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Hero Fighter Custom MOD 30-11-2018, 02:13 PM 3
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Hero Fighter Custom MOD Hero Fighter Zone
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[spoiler=Hero Fighter Equilibrium] HFE v0.8.3  by O n L y   Last Update:2021-03-26 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VNJjBD9EklMtisNJGHxWDYY8QqrG2OmQ/view (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VNJjBD9EklMtisNJGHxWDYY8QqrG2OmQ/view) HFE v0.3 - Clan Wars   by Leo Gautama   Last Update:2019-10-21 https://mega.nz/#!WNkhyCJD!x5bOi3vVFhVuoPisnAm-MK2uiGkzoHaUIZiA7YjM8JY (https://mega.nz/#!WNkhyCJD!x5bOi3vVFhVuoPisnAm-MK2uiGkzoHaUIZiA7YjM8JY) HFE v0.3 - Abyss Soul Lotus v1.4.7   by Upacco   Last Update:2019-10-21 https://mega.nz/#!aAshiCDD!Xuq6gVlmfkEeov0_VeJJVVoFv_mnhC1z3KT_ENUWmt8 (https://mega.nz/#!aAshiCDD!Xuq6gVlmfkEeov0_VeJJVVoFv_mnhC1z3KT_ENUWmt8) HFE v0.3 - Shining Shooting Star v1.9.6   by Upacco   Last Update:2019-10-21 https://mega.nz/#!bU8h2SRK!sbjQ7BrtL6soHrrauE-KAKvHC3bLetHCRtBu0wQN8bE (https://mega.nz/#!bU8h2SRK!sbjQ7BrtL6soHrrauE-KAKvHC3bLetHCRtBu0wQN8bE) Author's note Wrote: -- About mod HF Shining Shooting Star The story plot and the names of a few enemies refer a lot to Touhou Shining Shooting Star. Bgm in this mod are taken from Touhou Shining Shooting Star. If you like them, you can download Touhou Shining Shooting Star yourself. There are all public wav inside. Of course, you can also buy a CD. but, Please do not record a video about the HF Shining Shooting Star. Please do not record a video about the HF Shining Shooting Star. Please do not record a video about the HF Shining Shooting Star. I have already asked one of the music producers (11) about the copyright of bgm.  11 allowed to use his music in the game, but 11 does not allow anyone to post a video which used his music. The difficulty of "crazy" has been renamed "lunatic". Enemy levels are 17 in all difficulties. Act 7 contains from Act 1 to 6 and Special thanks. Finally, I'm grateful to 11 for his understanding. Thanks to Marti who has brought us lots of fun. Thanks for the development of HFSE. Thanks to BEBD for tech support and debugging. Thanks to every player who participated in the beta. I wish you all a good time. UYU PACO! -- Resources Wrote: -- https://mega.nz/#!LA9lUYJC!EElhhm6vyjmA5nhatpfnWDljODNZWh9NWHLYvxrxWqg (https://mega.nz/#!LA9lUYJC!EElhhm6vyjmA5nhatpfnWDljODNZWh9NWHLYvxrxWqg) -- [/spoiler] [spoiler=Independent MOD] 7 Day-Night v0.007b   by S*LuEX   Last Update:2019-09-22 https://mega.nz/#!Td9TRCrD!G6hcq9dLYrFq_xIfY0bSrfi-nAmLFWWnYXgS6euSTIU (https://mega.nz/#!Td9TRCrD!G6hcq9dLYrFq_xIfY0bSrfi-nAmLFWWnYXgS6euSTIU) Coronation Wars v0.82   by BEBD   Last Update:2019-06-20 https://mega.nz/#!jA1EyKJI!70iFaRTbwhACcFDFyuIIO0mKrJEfuuZ8dmYxJuoX_W4 (https://mega.nz/#!jA1EyKJI!70iFaRTbwhACcFDFyuIIO0mKrJEfuuZ8dmYxJuoX_W4) [/spoiler] [spoiler=HF Original MOD] HF v0.7+  by MangaD https://mega.nz/#!nUlTVKQT!AIK_C650L-XD0InQUH61nkKue0jGB4mzFjmxkfAn2Ag (https://mega.nz/#!nUlTVKQT!AIK_C650L-XD0InQUH61nkKue0jGB4mzFjmxkfAn2Ag) HF Clan Wars   by Leo Gautama https://mega.nz/#!2F1DkQpC!RXKeOkpUtK0UY-Inoh0qZLDHzC9TG3dVKjQ50GKQHcg (https://mega.nz/#!2F1DkQpC!RXKeOkpUtK0UY-Inoh0qZLDHzC9TG3dVKjQ50GKQHcg) [/spoiler]

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