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Starting in July 2009, Hero Fighter Empire has provided with community news, downloads, articles and a discussion board. Our first host, Razen, graciously paid for our hosting and domain name for over 9 years (2009-06-30 - 2018-12-28). Since 2019, MangaD has been paying the hosting bills and domain name.

We do not need lots of money, but small contributions from individuals are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. HFE will not go down without donations.

Contributors will be listed here unless they don't want to.

How to Donate

Donate through PayPal with another PayPal account, credit card, or bank account; anything that PayPal will accept. International currency is also accepted.

Bitcoin: 32Eto9WXJJHozjcbadt6CM8sMQvKr6qinD

Do let me know your (nick)name to add to the contributors list!


Another way to support that doesn't cost you any money is to disable ad blocker on this website and click ad banners if they interest you. We don't have any popups and annoying stuff like that. ^^

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