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Promised Mystery of Moisture - MangaD - 25-08-2020

Promised Mystery of Moisture


@Lee Catalpa Tien (characters, items, battle map and bug fixes)
@细米-Xemy (stories)
@我要在你大腿上写正字 (a few character moves and skin replacements)


Normal: 1.5.6
Simple: 1.5.6

Author's note: If you play alone, download the normal version. If you play with friends, download the simple version. Their content is the same, just a picture is a little different, they are compatible in network mode.

Video demo


HF Equilibrium v0.7.7 was used as the basis for this mod. Some of @不饿白帝BEBD's character skins are used as well.

Chinese notes (笔记) (Click to View)