HFE Credits

Envisioned by Razen, HFE v1 was originally created by three people: Razen (hosting, setup and content), BluePhoenix (artwork and coding) and Azriel (content). It was released to the public on July 1st, 2009.

In July 2014, HFE v1 was deleted due to being hacked. On September 2014 MangaD took over HFE's administration, with Razen's consent, and rebuilt the whole website from scratch—while Razen was still paying the hosting and domain name bills. HFE v2 artwork was done by Hero Destroyer (resembling HFE v1) and Blazing Gale. zlyfer was 2nd administrator and content manager. Since then, Hero Fighter Empire has evolved gradually, its development is currently led by MangaD.

The Team

  • MangaD - Administration, Coding, Content Editor, Hosting, Moderation, Miscellaneous (HFE v2)
  • O n L y - Translation, Moderation, Miscellaneous (HFE v2)

Inactive or retired team members (a thousand thanks to them)

  • Azriel - Administration, Content Editor, Moderation, Miscellaneous (HFE v1)
  • BluePhoenix - Administration, Content Editor, Coding, Artwork, Moderation, Miscellaneous (HFE v1)
  • Dragon5 - Content Editor, Moderation, Miscellaneous (HFE v2)
  • Hellblazer - Moderation (HFE v2)
  • Jernemies - Moderation (HFE v1 and v2)
  • Pete P. - Moderation, Miscellaneous (HFE v1 and v2)
  • Razen - Founder, Administration, Hosting, Content Editor, Moderation, Miscellaneous (HFE v1); Hosting (HFE v2)
  • Simoneon - Administration, Content Editor, Moderation, Miscellaneous (HFE v1)
  • zlyfer - Administration, Content Editor, Moderation, Miscellaneous (HFE v2)


  • Blazing Gale - Artwork (HFE v2 - logo)
  • Henry The Archer - Artwork (HFE v2 - ad blocker banner)
  • Hero Destroyer - Artwork (HFE v2 - banners)
  • blow_fly98, Evil Sonidow, Fatum, snorsorbet, UnderForce, yairm210 - Translation (HFE v1)

If you are looking for information on how to contact an Administrator, go here.

Used on this site

  • Joomla as main site base software.
  • MyBB as forum base software.
  • ET Gaming free version as Joomla base template.
  • NetPen free version as MyBB base theme.
  • Many plugins on both platforms whose list is too extensive to be detailing here and also not convenient for security concerns.
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