Troops are non-playable characters that you can order around – using the Command button – to aid you in battle. Unlike Little Fighter 2, which trends more to the street fighting genre, Hero Fighter is more battle oriented with a bigger number and more variety of troops, as well as more commands to order them around. As such, troops and strategy play an important role to win the game.

Soldiers are generally weaker than heroes, but benefit in numbers. Aside from lower damage and speed, they all can only block half of what a Hero can normally.


↑, ↓, ←, →: Arrow Keys
(A): Attack Key
(J): Jump Key
(G): Guard Key
(C): Command Key

Click on any character to see his/her info.

* Character MP stats may differ in Story Mode and Battle Mode.
** Normalize level gives all characters 500 strength, 500 hp and 500 mp.
*** Special thanks to Dragon5 for the character descriptions and their base stats. Thanks to Kevin for figuring out the formulas that increase stats with levels.


You can bring up the Command Menu by clicking on the Command button. If you don't know where the Command button is, click on the keyboard in the upper right to find it or edit your keys!

  • Stay on my left/right - Orders the troops to stay at your left/right. They will not follow you.
  • Follow me - Orders the troops to follow your character.
  • Free move - Orders the troops to move on their free will. This will cause them to attack the closest enemy.

Note: Regardless of the order, troops will always attack enemies nearby.