Mounts are animals that can be used for combat, by riding on them. Some are faster, giving the character more speed. Others are stronger, devastating enemies on their way. Special moves of the characters may be different while riding. Riding does not consume SP.

To mount an animal, simply jump on it or run to it. To dismount, stop moving and press jump. Controlling the ride is almost identical as to control your character, however there is less maneuverability. For instance, turning around requires pressing the opposite direction for a while, or pressing it twice.



The horse is the fastest of the mounts and the only one that can jump. Simply press the jump key while running.

It is possible to grab an enemy by pressing ↑ ↓ A and it is also possible to perform a frontal recoil attack by pressing ↓ ↑ A.


Monster is slow but strong. When running, it shoves the enemies in front with its claws. Plus, it can spit energy balls by pressing attack.

Like on horse, it is also possible to grab an enemy by pressing ↑ ↓ A, although the enemy must be close to the monster's claws. Monster also possesses a frontal attack with his claws by pressing ↓ ↑ A, though not so powerful.


Similar to the monster, the triceratops also shoves the enemies in front, using its horns. Although not so resistent to enemy attacks, as it stops running after getting hit.

Pressing attack will make it hit the floor with its front paws, causing a shockwave that knocks down the enemies in front. But unlike the monster, it stops moving when attacking.