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Recent status on LF2 Remastered (LF2 翻新版現況) - MangaD - 09-03-2024

Update from Marti on the progress of LF2 Remastered!

Marti Wong Wrote:Quick update. I'm still alive and working on the LF2 remastered. You might wonder why there's been silence and no updates on social media.
  • Over the past 2 years, my family and I have faced a few unfortunate events, causing a halt in my progress and leaving me unmotivated to work on my project.
  • Initially, I planned to use Unity (C#) for the remaster, but after reaching about 70% completion of the standalone version, I decided to switch to JavaScript (for technical and future potential reasons, without going into detail here). This meant restarting the coding process all over again.
  • I couldn't hire an artist to remaster all the character action frames, so I'm doing it myself. However, I've come to realize that I'm not as young as I used to be, so progress is slow. Nonetheless, I'm making progress every day.
What's the current status of the remaster project?
  • I've completed all the coding for the standalone version in JavaScript. Remaining tasks include work on the network mode (supporting IP connections for 8 computers), remastering all character graphics, and creating new stage and characters.
What's the current project schedule?
  • I aim to release the game on Steam by Xmas this year. However, delays are always possible, so it might end up being released around the next Lunar New Year or at a later date.
More updates will be posted on my social media and Patreon page. Apologies for the delay and thank you for your patience. I am still burning the midnight oil, so please stay tuned.

現況更新。 我仍然活著並且在進行 LF2 的翻新版工作。 你可能會想知道為什麼社交媒體上一直沒有更新。
  • 在過去的兩年裡,我和我的家人遇到了數個不幸的事件,導致我的進度停滯不前,沒有心情繼續進行我的項目。
  • 最初,我計劃使用 Unity (C#) 進行翻新,但在單機版完成大約 70% 後,我決定轉而使用 JavaScript(出於技術和未來潛力等原因,這裡不詳細說明)。這意味著我必須從頭開始編碼。
  • 我無法聘請繪師對所有角色動作幀進行翻新,所以我只能自己動手。但是,我意識到我已經不再年輕,所以進度很慢。儘管如此,我每天都在前進。
  • 我已經完成了 JavaScript 單機版本的所有編碼工作。剩下的工作包括連線模式 (支持 8機IP連線),翻新所有角色的圖形,以及創建新的Stage和角色。
  • 我計劃在今年聖誕節前將遊戲發布到 Steam。但是,延遲總是可能的,所以可能會在下一個農曆新年左右甚至更晚發布。
更多更新將發布在我的社交媒體和 Patreon 頁面上。對於延遲,請原諒並感謝您的耐心等待。我仍在努力熬夜工作中,敬請期待。
Sources: Patreon, Facebook

Marti also revealed that he is using PixiJS for the development.

Marti Wong Wrote:LF2 isn't a 3D game. I've had to create a 2D-to-3D layer, which has slowed down the entire development and testing process. However, after switching to using JavaScript, I've noticed a significant improvement in compilation and running times. Additionally, if LF2 (or any of my future games) needs to transition to web3, JavaScript seems to be the better path for me to pursue. (please correct me if I'm mistaken)

RE: Recent status on LF2 Remastered (LF2 翻新版現況) - Julian - 11-03-2024

That's great. I hope to see it at Christmas.