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Hero Little Fighter - MangaD - 25-08-2020

Hero Little Fighter




New versions will be released in this MediaFire folder, along with the move set and other notes. You can also access this link from inside the game, as shown in this picture:

[Image: unknown.png]

Video demo



Batman skin by @不饿白帝BEBD. Superman skin by @BlazingGale.

RE: Hero Little Fighter - AlinzFer - 23-09-2020

I think it's great!! I hope I had the lf2 skins but :( I understand that it would be a lot of work to do it ... but I have fun with your mod .. thanks

RE: Hero Little Fighter - MangaD - 23-09-2020

That will depend on BEBD, the author of the skins. It's great to see satisfied players!