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Revival - Apocalyman - 06-07-2020

Hello! first of all I would like to say thank you for doing what you did until now with the server+making the game into an exe and everything else related. I wanted to know if its possible to somehow continue updating this game? this game was my childhood and I even remember when chapters 6 and 7 came out and I was so excited to play them. its sad that this game is dead now. isnt it possible to do something? thank you! (sorry if this has been asked before I tried using the contact form but it says unauthorized or something like that)

RE: Revival - MangaD - 06-07-2020

Hello @Apocalyman, welcome to HF Empire!

We, the community, are now free to modify the game as we please, for that you should look into HF Workshop. Some Chinese players have already made their own stories and characters, that you can find in the Projects forum. At the moment of this writing, two great mods, HLF and CW, have still to be uploaded here. If this is what you had in mind with "updating the game", then yes, feel free to make your own version! If you want something official from Marti, that may take years or never come.

Being dead is subjective. Wink

PS: I suggest you join HF Discord server.