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Tutorial: Animation / Frames' duration - MangaD - 19-06-2020

I will assume that the reader is already familiar with the HF Workshop tool, if he is not, he is advised to go to the linked thread, read it and watch the tutorial video.

Frames' data can be found in SPT files. Drew's SPT file has id=229. Open that file and search, for example, for "name": "JUMP_ATTACK" in order to change Drew's jump kick. You should find the following:

"50": {
    "HFW_classNameXXX": "Data.Action",
    "selfLoop": false,
    "nextAi": -1.0,
    "allowTurnFace": false,
    "nextAti": -1.0,
    "frame": null,
    "aiz2": 0.0,
    "special": -1.0,
    "landAti": -1.0,
    "landAi": -1.0,
    "nextAgi": -1.0,
    "name": "JUMP_ATTACK",
    "a_keyTgr": null,
    "landAgi": -1.0,
    "frameIndex": 146.0,
    "aix1b": 0.0,
    "mpBurn": 0.0,
    "index": 50.0,
    "aix2": 0.0,
    "aiz1": 0.0,
    "nextActionName": null,
    "type": -1.0,
    "aix2b": 0.0,
    "aix1": 0.0,
    "landActionName": null

Notice that frameIndex is 146, that's the frame where JUMP_ATTACK begins. Now you can search for "146" and you'll find that frame. All subsequent frames with "name": "jump_attack" belong to that motion. Every frame has a duration attribute, you can increase it to slow down the motion. Good luck!