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Suggestion - Chat - BlazingGale - 08-01-2020

So in the past months ever since the release of HeroFighter-Workshop the activity in this forum has grown quite a bit and I think a good way to make people stick here even more and actually spend more time on the forum is to add a chat that will be placed at the side of the side of the page, or that could be opened as a pop up window, that could be accessed from anywhere in the forum.

Now I know there is already a chat in HFE, but let's be honest, that chat is primitive, clunky, and awkward to use. Every time you reload the page you have to re log-in into it (it doesn't remember who you are), it doesn't show you what conversations you missed out on, and most importantly, it is its own dedicated page in the forum. That chat is a bad chat that isn't user friendly at all and doesn't feel inviting to use.
What I am suggesting is a chat that will be always present for the user to take part in. You see chats like this at a lot of big sites, whether they are anime streaming, browser game sites, or fansites/forums of games or TV-Shows . I believe a chat like that could really help out the forum.

I can expand on how I think the chat should be executed, but first I'd like to see if the idea will be approved.

Happy new year btw.

RE: Suggestion - Chat - MangaD - 08-01-2020

I will be rejecting this idea because:

1. People (myself included) prefer using a chat program for everything, instead of having multiple programs for multiple platforms. Discord seems to be the trend now so let's use it.

2. Having a chat here would be one more concern to moderate and likely useless.

3. The forum has enough activity. As long as most important information can be found, it is fine.