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HF improvement ideas - MangaD - 04-06-2019

In the event of Hero Fighter becoming modifiable one day, here's a list of ideas to implement. Anyone can contribute with ideas, but they should be easy to implement, mainly changing things that already exist.
  • Independent team.
  • Background color. (easy)
  • Network chat.
    • Selectable text and clickable links. (easy)
    • Don't erase after starting game. (easy)
    • Increase the allowed input length. (easy)
  • Remove popups for setting low resolution and for adding a character to the screen. (easy)
  • Add ice soldiers and hell ghosts to VS summary screen. (easy)
  • Fix P2 bug in network Battle mode.
  • When clicking random music and random bg, do not randomize more than once.
  • Add a "Ping / Latency" column in room list to check latency to each room. (hard)
  • Add more backgrounds and musics to VS dropdowns. (easy)
  • Room Server related
    • Add banned alert when joining a room instead of just connection lost. (easy)
    • Let room server know who won the fight.