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Add English zones to "Chinese" button - O n L y - 28-05-2019

At this moment Chinese button only shows Chinese zone, could you add English zones below Chinese zone?
I personally suggest making the language buttons change the order of HFE forum instead of showing their own zones.

RE: Add English zones to "Chinese" button - MangaD - 28-05-2019

Should be possible to implement such a system, although I'd have to implement it myself.

I personally do not like the idea however. As we know, many Chinese do not understand English (and vice-versa). Here are two reasons why I prefer tabs:
  1. This way we deter users from writing Chinese in English forums, as they don't see them by default. Same for the opposite.
  2. Less clutter. Most non-Chinese users don't care enough about the Chinese area to have it constantly show on their index page. The opposite I suspect is also true. I believe this focus the index page on what the users are more interested in seeing on a regular basis.
If a user is interested in checking out the other forums he still can, and all posts show on the overview and portal so this won't go unnoticed. Newbies who rarely check the forums may not notice, but does it matter? Wink

I'll wait for more users to give their opinion.