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Android version >= 7 (half-solved) - MangaD - 28-04-2019


Many players have been complaining that the game crashes on their Android phones.

After talking with @O n L y and @不饿白帝BEBD, I was informed that HFX doesn't work on Android 7 and above. This however, does not happen to everyone with Android 7 and above, as I have Android 7.1.1 and no issues (same with @O n L y). Then I found out that switching to Chinese language would cause this issue on my phone.
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/herofighter/permalink/10156547470987637/
Most likely cause: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2558904


This is a temporary solution while we wait for a real fix. It also does not work for everyone. With this solution Chinese language won't be available.

2 players, with Android 7 and Android 7.1.1, have reported that this solution worked for them.
2 players, with Android 8 and Android 9.0.2, have reported that this solution did not work for them.
1 player reported that HFX stopped working after he upgraded from Android 8 to Android 9.

  1. In Settings go to Apps, pick HFX app and clear data. This will clear all your progress if you had any.
  2. Switch phone language to English.
  3. Start HFX.