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Dragon Ball Super: Broly - MangaD - 29-01-2019

Ok so, as of late a lot of not so high quality Dragon Ball anime has been produced. Dragon Ball Super has been a disappointment to many DB fans for several reasons. However, DBS Broly has totally exceeded my expectations, it may be the best DB movie ever made in my opinion. Great animation and nice story background. There are a few dumb scenes but overall I recommend it. Smile


RE: Dragon Ball Super: Broly - JK+ - 31-01-2019

I am not a big fan of this anime as I have heard about from my friends few days ago. I didn`t see any of these episodes of it in youtube because the company had 
Proabably banned all the episodes. so, I`m unfamiliar with it`s story and chars design of few chars that come rare and the movie is kinda like, not good but i will be interested to anime because this anime tralier shows their hardwork of it.

Could someone can give me a char sketch of all chars? (I do not mean to draw it, just Describe the character that how he looks and something like that)

Aw, It`s so hard to use mousekeys