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Hero Fighter Custom MOD - O n L y - 30-11-2018

Hero Fighter Equilibrium (Click to View)
Independent MOD (Click to View)

RE: 【Downloads】Hero Fighter Custom Versions - MangaD - 30-11-2018

I've been waiting for this!

You should upload the XML files too for people who don't want to download big files, or want to see the XML.

Edit: A little description for each of them would also be appreciated.

RE: 【Downloads】Hero Fighter Custom Versions - UYU PACO - 09-01-2019

RE: 【Downloads】Hero Fighter Custom MOD - O n L y - 23-01-2019

Shining Shooting Star v1.9.6 is released.

# Changelog
- Fixed display issue with low resolution.
- Several improvements and bug fixes.

RE: 【Downloads】Hero Fighter Custom MOD - MangaD - 23-01-2019

Thank you for including the resources. HF Workshop hasn't released yet but in future it is important to keep track of the origin of the resources to avoid copyright issues.

RE: 【Downloads】Hero Fighter Custom MOD - O n L y - 09-02-2019

# New Mod
- Abyss Soul Lotus v 1.4.3