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Full Version: HF Equilibrium
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HF Equilibrium

Note: There is the normal and the dark versions. Only skins are different and they won't cause sync problems in network mode. The older versions aren't very important and may be removed in the future, playing with different versions will cause sync problems in network mode.

Note 2: Version 0.8 does not work on online rooms unless they support 8 players.


(balance, dark skins, exe modifications)
(new characters, new skins)


All versions: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nrfecys3...quilibrium

Video demo

Change log (English) (Click to View)
Change log (Chinese) (Click to View)
HFE v0.7.8 技能表一览 (Click to View)
HFE v0.8.9 (2022-03-24)
Taylor: Blue Shield mp250→275, Red Shield mp160→150
Three Musketeers Ascending Dragon Jump Height 65→70
Lucas Ascending Dragon mp275→250

HFE v0.8.8 (Unknown)
New Characters Firen, Hope, Yasi, debuts.
Character adjustments: Shawn: Void Breaker Cancelled, mp175→151
Gordon: New skills landing meat ball G→A, mp-150
Fix the bug of false touch when the flying car falls
Zeno, Tao, and Soth were removed

HFE v0.8.7 (2021-12-24)
Fixed Arrow Cancellation Effect
Image Quality Improved
Raye: Station Grab changed to G↓A, and added skill Teleport G↑A
eason0: Jump Attack Damage 45→50, Centipede Bullet Repair
Jenny: Drill MP 250→200, Shield MP 175→150 Shawn: Added skill jump five in a row, jump skill
Jason: Jump skill bug fix
throwing knife mp90→120
Taylor: Blue Shield MP300→250
Added boss Asia Four /addcom saws
boss Yellow-haired Kid changed to /addcom model0 HFE v0.8.5
Drew boom, boom mp 250→200
Jenny Cyclone Shield mp 200→175 Sinan Liguang mp 175→150
Sinan sp consumption reduction

HFE v0.8.5 (unknown)
Drew, boom MP 250→200
Jenny Cyclone Shield MP 200→175
Sinan Liguang MP 175→150
Taylor Eason0 Sinan sp consumption is reduced

HFE v0.8.4 (2021-05-23)
Yazarel: Boomerang Kick Two Buttons↑↓←→A or ↓→↑A
Roundhouse Kick damage changed 35 > 45 Laser body changed 25 > 40 Laser explosion changed 25 > 20
Fixed a bug with the War Class
Long Xuan:
Because the current version changed the rolling SP, the last version added a withdrawal for the Spinning sp
Fixed a bug with the Spinning Dragon Slash Three Stuns Ascending Dragon Bites
Ascending Dragon Can no longer Catch Spindragon
Flying Dragon Durability Increased
Pinghong Slash Breaking Defense Reduced
Xianglong No longer turns
Chu Ying: Wrapped up and locked ↓→↑A Chengying: The second stage of the running attack can now be turned
Tai Lai: Laser can now be turned
Akagi: Self-detonation press key G↑J, rolling flame fist
Gordon: PuA
two-hit defense can be directly broken by Leo Shenglong; Rolling Stone Break, Stone Break MP Changed to 185
South: General attack one hit and fly. Whirlwind Hammer MP225, damage 50, can be hit. God of War Hammer MP150
Ice Sen:
A jump attack is a villager jumping attack, judged to be 3 hits to break the defense, damage 20.
Ice Jumper changed is now a skill
Frozen Fist Break Defense is now 0
Zeno: (Replaces Big E)
Reverts to HFEv0.65 Sinan Ryūo
: Add a cape map (the default skin is a blank sticker, you can add it yourself.) Team4 Leo comes with a Eason cape)
Talk: Meat Ball Decision Change: Enemy back defense can hit
Bosses: New boss Clark, Yellow-haired Boy, Evil God

HFE v0.8.3 (2021-03-20)
Yazarel changed to HFX port, Kept the old version of damage, healing, and non-healing self-detonation, whirlwind leg
Ice Forest ice cubes will not be blocked by friendly characters
Shadow Breaking and Jumping Air Charging Power can be controlled
Long Xuan Ping Rainbow Slash changed to G↓A or G↑A, Speeding Fall changed to ↑↓←→A, fix scratch-related bugs Gordon
Pu Attack canceled the ground shoot, Pu Attack stunned with one hit, and all damage was returned to the original amount
Sakura Sakura slashes forward shakes shortened
Swordsman blade SP increased
Akagi revision:
When jumping and landing, you can use instant self-detonation, and the instant self-detonation front shake time is the same as the L Ascending Dragon front shake
Self-detonation button changed to G↑A
Jump attack fly higher
Running jump attack damage slight pullback
Artillery damage increased by 5
Artillery and self-detonation without ground fire

HFE v0.8.1 (2021-02-10)
Lei Yin added jump catch J+G→A, jump thunder changed back to the original JA command
Yasarel jump attack decision changed to Drew's rush jump attack decision
Tai Lai Blue Shield duration reduced (mistakenly adjusted in the previous version)
Dragon Xuan Revision:
Pinghong Chop and Speeding Drop commands changed to G↑A and G↓A
Dragon Bite MP reduced to 275,
Dragon MP reduced to 100,
Flying Dragon MP reduced to 75,
The spinning dragon's swing before landing on the ground is slightly reduced, and it can be turned left and right before hitting the ground, and the attack can break the defense with one blow and the damage is reduced Dragon
slayer can pick up Xianglong, can control left and right Dragon slayer + A is changed to +G→A out of the flying dragon, can control the left and right Xianglong + A is changed to +G→A is out of the flying dragon, can control the left and right
Xianglong's third strike can change the left and right direction
SP increase (at least one more roll than now)
Dragon Heart Game Bug Fix
Dragon Air adds defense, will not be directly interrupted by general attacks, and can roll to release

HFE v0.8.0 (2021-02-8)
Rolling SP consumption reduced to the same
as Jump Reduced Shadow Break MP Consumption Reduced (200→175) Gordon Stone Break MP consumption reduced (275→225)
Leger Catch increased to Independent Skill G→A Ice
Hockey does not rebound
Akagi self-detonating MP consumption reduced ( 300→250) Fire Fist MP consumption reduced (125→100) Run-attack steerable Lei Yin Xiaolei damage increased
Replaced 5 bosses
Deleted character/s
New character: Yagami hero Ryuken

HFE v0.7.9 (2020-10-10)
Chu Ying knockback distance reverts to the original, Arrow Rain automatically tracks
Chu Ying SP Upgraded to the Gordon level, the cost of the Sky MP is 250, and it can be turned when charging
Gordon's damage increased to restore the original
Swordsman Blade SP increased
Added 5 Bosses

HFE v0.7.8 (2020-07-25)
Chu Ying can turn after running an attack
Chen Ying arrow rain manual control wavenumber, hand control landing point
Dragon Oshenglong MP consumption reduced (300→275) Swordsman
Blade Sunshenglong damage increased (50→60), MP consumption reduced (300→275
Gordon Run Attack Fly Height Slightly Increased (60→70) First Throwing Knife MP Consumption Scale Plus (75→90)
Tai Lai Blue Shield Duration Reduced
Yasarel's Treatment Changed to G↓J
Corrected Thunder Yin, Rolling Thunderball Angle
Kids replaced with Monkey King

HFE v0.7.7 (2020-06-02)
Ice Mori allows air G>J
Thunder Yin allows rolling G>J
Sakura allows flat-ground Z-axis teleportation
Demon Lord grenade, laser damage is reduced
Hidden Character (kids, Super Dragon) skill changed to player unavailable

HFE v0.7.6 (2020-05-16)
Sakura's new Teleport skill Added
Lei Yin, Ice Mori can roll G>A during charging
Jace can roll to cast Half Moon Rush HFE

HFE v0.7.5 (2020-05-15)
Shadow Breaking Air Arrow MP consumption reduced
Sakura added the skill "Teleportation", the button is G↑A
Dragon Okusho Dragon Chopper
Lei Yin and Bingsen added no A consecutive jump, the original jump attack skill was changed to G→A
Gordon's jump attack flight height increased, the stone breaking distance was restored to the original parameter, the general attack and jump attack damage was reduced, the
consumption of Tai Lai portable shield MP increased, and
the demon king grenade judgment was corrected

HFE v0.7.0 (2020-02-15)
Xie Ling SP increased to Ryusuke level
Dragon Ao SP increased to the original Xie Ling level
Swordsman Blade damage increased (about 95% of the original, similar to HFL) Taylor's
return increased the In-Place Shield skill (G↓J), SP increased
Replace Zeno with Yagami HFE v0.65 Yagami
and Demon King
Yasarel officially launched The Angle of
oblique archery increased in the general attack of Chengying, the consumption of five-consecutive MP increased, and the consumption of Arrow Rain MP decreased The
the angle of the Demon King's grenade thrown diagonally increased, Laser damage decreased, grenade damage increased Jace fell leaves returned to the root increased qigong, qigong distance correction, qigong one-hit flying
Akagi SP increased, self-detonation, fireball MP consumption decreased, fireball does not consume blood, ground fire duration decreased
Ice Sen self-explosion MP consumption decreased, Ice Sealed Fist MP consumption increased
Swordsman blade damage increased

HFE v0.65(2020-02-10)
Yagami and Demon King Asarel officially appeared
The angle of oblique archery increased in the general attack, the consumption of five-consecutive MP increased, and the consumption of arrow rain MP decreased
The angle at which the Demon King Blast is thrown diagonally increases, laser damage decreases, and Blast damage increases
Jace leaves to return to the root to increase qigong, qigong distance correction, qigong one blowfly
Akagi SP increases, self-detonation, fireball MP consumption decreases, fireballs do not consume blood, and ground fire duration decreases
The consumption of Bingsen self-detonation MP is reduced, and the consumption of Ice Fist MP is increased
Swordsman Blade damage increased

HFE v0.5 (2020-01-01)
Yagami and the Great Demon King Azarel officially released
Legg overhaul Formed into the original throwing knife returns
Swordsman Blade SP increased, and damage increased
Other characters are now slightly more balanced

HFE v0.3 (2019-10-21)
All character jumping and rushing SP consumption is reduced, HP unified 500
Ryusuke Shenglong MP consumption increases
Chu Ying charge, boom sky MP consumption decreased, Entanglement MP consumption increased
Boomerang crushing punch damage decreased
Chu Ying arrow endurance value increased, can be offset with the flying dragon, increased shock retreat effect, two arrows break defense, total HP increases, air breaking, arrow rain MP consumption decreases, five-consecutive MP consumption increases, SP consumption decreases
Formed into a throwing knife is changed to a thief flying knife, the consumption of Boomerang MP increases, the defense breaking is zero, and the damage is reduced
Taylor's magic shield breaks to zero, MP consumption increases, it has the effect of raising enemies, and healing MP consumption increases
Legg damage increases, general attack breaks defense in three strokes, King Kong circle frontal invincibility, King Kong circle starting MP consumption increases, spirit snake MP consumption decreases Sakura's total HP increases, SP consumption decreases, sacrifice MP
consumption decreases
defense breaking increases and healing MP consumption increases
Dragon Ao Xiang Dragon Flying Distance Increased, Ascending Dragon Breaking Defense Decreased
Swordsman Blade SP consumption increased, SP recovery speed increased Jace half moon, wheel MP consumption decreased, half moon, fallen leaves, wheel damage increased
Gordon Stone Breaking Distance increased Meat Bomb MP consumption increased
meat bomb damage decreased, Gyro MP consumption decreased
The consumption of the good male bat MP increases, the person disappears automatically if he can't chase after a few seconds, the glazed light and the mangxing cannot be turned in the air, the characteristics of the mangxing change, and the duration is changed to an instant The consumption of the Ice Forest MP is reduced, the cryowave distance is shortened, the freezing wave cannot be rebounded, and the damage of the ice fist is reduced
Akagi damage is reduced, the consumption of SP is increased, and the self-explosion does not deduct blood
Lei Yin MP consumption is reduced, general attack and small thunder damage are increased, movement speed is increased, thunder fist can be turned, thunder explosion has no self-injury, and thunder balls can be cast in the air
Liver Demon Tracking Wave falls to the ground with one shot, the defense breaking value is reduced, MP consumption is increased, and the altitude of Magic Light Killing Cannon Flight is increased Soth is replaced with the HFX version Used by Ascending Dragon characters, and Xie Ling Su Lat 5