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Full Version: What song are you listening to?
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Post what song you are listening to right now. (You can post as many times as you want in this thread, cause you know, post count free.)

This may seem a weird song to most of you, but is a must to know for all classic rock fans! Listen to it and roll!

Hocus Pocus-by Focus

Great song OH, I listened to it quite a few times.  Thumbs Up 
Here comes more anime songs from me:
Savant - Zion: Nice Artist!
Also good tracks by Savant: Pirate Bay, Ism
Song: Nightwish - Last Of The Wilds
Anime: Hetalia: Axis Powers

A classic rock song, dedicated to David, our boss for his birthday, happy birthday pal! Best wishes! 

Julian laugh
(24-09-2015, 10:58 AM)Hellblazer Wrote: [ -> ]4:15
Julian laugh

Yeah that was a great endless quitar solo.

This is a completely different type of music, an instrumental piece of awesomeness, remember when I saw the movie, my body hair was like nails, I had the chills! 

That melody of bagpipe feels like heaven!  :angel:
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