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Posting Guidelines - MangaD


There are 2 ways to sharing images on this board:
  1. Attachments - When creating a new thread or a new reply, at the end of the page there is an option to add attachments. However, the number of mebibytes that you are allowed to use is limited, this is because of bandwidth and disk space usage concerns - we want to keep HFE as lightweight as possible. For this reason we advise you to not use this method unless the image is very important in which case it is desirable to host it at HFE to avoid broken links in the future.
  2. Image sharing websites - Image sharing websites like imgur.com, postimages.org, etc are a good option. However, the site you use must use the HTTPS protocol or otherwise the image won't show on this board for security concerns. Moreover, most of these websites are blocked in China, so we recommend you use https://imgchr.com (language can be changed on top right corner) so that Chinese users can view your pictures.

Image size:

Image size is important both in resolution and file size.
  1. Resolution: If your image is too big and you post it like that, it will occupy much more space than it needs to. You should set the image dimensions inside the [img] tag like this:
    With the width and height relative to your image dimensions of course. Then, you may link to the full size image like this:
  2. File size: Resolution isn't everything. When you load a web page the browser downloads the images to your computer. If the image is big in terms of file size, it will make page loading slow. For this reason, the ideal is to post the image thumbnail version with a link to the full sized image. Image sharing sites usually give you both a thumbnail and a full sized image. You should do the following:


To share videos you have to upload them to a video sharing website (YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitch, Bilibili...) and then simply use the video button in the editor's toolbar that will generate the MyCode for you. However, just like image sharing websites, most video sharing websites are blocked in China. For this reason, if you'd like Chinese users to be able to see your video, we advise to use Bilibili alongside YouTube.

The MyCode is simple and looks like this:

File Uploading

To upload a file you can upload it as an attachment if it is small (e.g. txt, xml, jpg...). However, for larger files you'll have to use a file sharing platform such as https://mediafire.com, https://mega.nz/, etc. However, some of these websites are blocked in China (again...). At the moment of this writing we recommend that you use https://mediafire.com as it is not blocked. You can check if a website is blocked in China on this website: https://viewdns.info/chinesefirewall/

Copyrighted Content

Finally, make sure that the content that you are sharing is not copyrighted and could get us into trouble. You can share anything HF related. But aside from that, any songs and videos that YouTube doesn't allow should not be posted here by other means. Same for files.