Hero Fighter X sticker pack is released (for iOS 10 only)!

This Sticker Pack has some of the main characters, funny animations and items from the game.

It's free. Please try.

Sticker Pack


Marti has also answered a few questions:
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/herofighter/permalink/10154053828717637/

Hopefully if there is LINE Sticker or Facebook ver

BTW, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ;)

Chi Ho John Yuen

You know. I am working a full time job now. This sticker pack is done during the mid-nights. And I don't expect it to be profitable. It's just too tired to create another one. :P

Marti Wong

噢,Marti你去左邊度做呀 '0' ?

Yuk Man Chan

Yuk Man Chan CUHK. contract just ended. Now moving to another job. Might update my status when settled down.

Marti Wong

Marti, can we still hope for further releases? Or will this be as far as Hero Fighter goes? Good luck with your job btw, you deserve it! :)

David Gonçalves

David Gonçalves I am afraid I cannot make any promise. Hopefully, I can at least release the remaining stories on facebook or youtube. Then see if I can update the game in my leisure time. Making game is a non-profit work. If it's for fun, that would be cool. If that's for a living, I will be doomed.

Marti Wong