Salutations, heroes! I bear good news: Hero Fighter X can now be played on recent Android versions—up to 11. As new Android versions are released, so will new APKs of Hero Fighter X v1.091 be published on HF Empire, as I have now found a way to achieve this. You may download the repackaged APK here. Unfortunately, some bugs still persist, namely the referral system not working for everyone, and the bug where heroes above level 105 will heal the enemies instead of damaging them. Moreover, it appears that it is not possible to buy gems, thus level caps cannot be removed and energy cannot be gained faster. I will see if I can address these issues in the future when I have more time.

On a different note, Coronation Wars mod by 不饿白帝BEBD has been published on HF Empire forums. This mod exists for a while now, but I hadn't published it yet because we had not been able to create an executable for it. Apparently, the mod is too large for the 32-bit Flash Player to handle, and unfortunately there is no 64-bit Flash Player projector for Windows. Until the beginning of 2021, Chinese players had been playing it using web browsers. But that option ended with the removal of Flash Player from web browsers in the beginning of 2021. Fortunately, it appears that HARMAN will keep maintaining and updating Adobe AIR, and thanks to it we were able to create a 64-bit executable for Windows. Have fun playing!