Hello everyone! 2020 is just starting and this seems like a good time to post some updates here. Since HF Workshop has released, the Chinese community, led by 不饿白帝BEBD, has been working on modifying things and making new mods, you can find them in the Projects forum. There are many custom characters and even backgrounds! Unfortunately, tutorials have not been published yet and making custom moves seems to be challenging (though possible).

I take this opportunity to publish here the awesome animation made by a Chinese fan, 谷草籽 (Coal_gu). It is a present for our beloved Marti Wong to celebrate the new year.

Moreover, it seems there is also a 10th year anniversary animation, also made by 谷草籽 (Coal_gu), and with the help of 煤炭 (Coal) (they share the same forum account) this time. Enjoy!