(Artwork by Henry The Archer)

10 years ago today, on 31st July 2009, the first version of Hero Fighter was released. Since then, many good things have happened. The game has evolved and an Android version was released. However, bad things have happened too.

Chinese hackers have disrespected the game by unlocking premium accounts for everybody, thus making the game's PC/web version unsustainable. They were also behind the downfall of the referral code system in HFX by flooding the server, as they yet again sought to unlock everything and kill the game's sustainability. Ztage's forum (aka. LF2 official forum) and HF Empire v1 have also been wiped out. After years of abandonment, hackers took over their outdated software and they had to be deleted.

Moreover, to those who don't know, Hong Kong—Marti's birth place—is currently suffering a series of conflicts with China. For all these reasons, Marti has moved to Australia and is currently working at Google in order to make a living, leaving him little time to work on Hero Fighter at the moment. As such, the game has suffered great periods of abandonment.

But let's not wither! The community has fought back and is not dead yet! HF Empire v2 was born, many public rooms were brought back (and better than ever!), HF Origins manga was created, as well as many awesome HF artwork! HF Story Editing also became a thing.

But now... to celebrate this day, I bring to you two new presents...

HF v0.7+ and HF Data Changing.

Happy playing!