Although released on other fansites, such as Hero Fighter Brasil and HF Facebook group, these spoilers were never released on the HF-Empire main site. These are old spoilers.

HF 0.65 – Battle Mode

After HF v0.6, a new mode was in the making – Battle Mode. Unlike the expectations of many players, the succeeding version did not showcase Story 7. Instead, they were surprised with a completely new mode, which was quite hard to make and gave Marti many work nights. This mode would later become the most cherished mode of the author, and play a major role in further releases and future plans.

Shortly before releasing HF v0.65, Marti Wong shared some of Battle Mode's spoilers

Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay of release again. I am still working hard on the coming version (v0.65).

Please don't mind my English as I need to type this quick.
In version 0.65, there will be battle mode.

Battle mode takes place in a huge map.

Attached is a 4 teams battle map. There will also be 3 teams map and 2 teams map.

Allowing different combination of battle: 2v2, 2v1v1, 1v3, 1v1v1v1, 1v2, 1v1v1, 1v1

In a battle, there will be castle, gold mine, camp.

Player can hire soldiers who come out from castle/camp.

Gold mine is for earning money. You can conquer other's gold mine/camp.

You will lose when your own castle is destroyed.

It is designed that Hero can perform some kind of "tactics" by spending tactic points. "Tactic" is something like massive magic on his/others troops. However, "tactics" feature may not be finished on time in v0.65.

Battle mode takes me SO much time on the design, tuning and AI.

Especially the AI, it is the first time in my life to code some kind of thing like that.

It is very difficult to keep AI smart and not consuming too much CPU (makes the game smooth).

I wanted to make story 7 a battle stage but it seems it is impossible to make it on time.

So I am sorry that there will be no story 7 and Eason in version 0.65.

When making Battle mode, I feel like making a brand new game.

The playing experience is totally different from any other modes before (and big different from the battle mode of LF2)

I wish it will be addictive.

Still hard working on it. I and my family got the flu which slows down my progress. Sorry for slow reply.

Marti Wong


4 Teams Battle Map

HF 0.7 – Stage 7

After HF v0.65, it was now time to work on Story 7. Some new characters were introduced here, including Eason, Livermore, Vivian, Legge and Axeman. The Big 3 and Leo also became playable characters. A new mount, triceratops, also came into play. Moreover, a new character for a future version had already been planned – Azrael, the Demon Lord.

HF 0.8 – Stage 8

Story 8 script is completed, but Marti is still working on the in-game progress, designing characters, backgrounds, new features, etc. Also, story 8 will be a flash back.

As of now, the new characters that will certainly appear in the next story, not necessarily as playable characters but anyway, are - Lincoln, Super Lincoln (Uppercut called: Final Dragon), Sabrina, Trevor, Trevor Ex (Armor form), Occam (Dragon's King), Abbot (A Dragon's Sorcerer), Alexander (Phoenix's King), Younger Saws (General that appeared in stage 7), Younger Yaga (Black beard and hair), Baby Lucas, Child Leo, and Demon King Azrael.