Where to start...

July 2014, HFE was eradicated. Hackers seem to have taken a liking to the HF community, apparently. Hacking HF v0.7 with the sole purpose of ruining Mr. Marti's income, and therefore the game's sustainability. Hacking HFE for their petty whims, weakening its fandom (and sadly affecting our brother Little Fighter Empire). Account phishing, to steal premium accounts from the players... jolly good. But you know what? We are still standing, stronger than before.

I have taken over HFE administration September 2014, with Razen's consent, and with the purpose of not only rebuilding it, but making it the greatest Hero Fighter fansite that ever was and ever will be. I have started with the forums, to provide a communication platform for the community. The forums were fairly easy to build, October 2014 they were already on the air with a HF theme. Special thanks to Blue Phoenix for all the help and advice given when I needed! Also thanks to Hero Destroyer for the Header used in the forum's HF theme and current HFE v2.0 banners.

The initial plan was to have HFE main site built before 2015, with only content left to add to it. However, designing the website proved to be a much bigger challenge than I expected it to be. Also it is my concern to keep HFE secure and fast. Unfortunately, due to university studies, my time is limited. I do not have many helping hands so... the main site's revival was delayed. However! We are back now! :D

There is still a lot of work to be done here, much content to add. Here you have a list of the plans so far. I am still a bit confused with the HF and HFX menus. They are different games, for different platforms, with different modes and thingummies, so each definitely deserves to have its own menu. Probably there will be some duplicate articles though. I haven't yet thought much about the content to add to HFX which isn't covered by the content to add to HF. Any ideas are very welcome! ^^

So yeah, I hope you like the new HFE and enjoy your stay.

Long live Hero Fighter Empire !